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The Sheet - importance of measurements

The Sheet - importance of measurements

I’ve just finished my first “true” month of PE in November. I’ve toyed with it for about a year and saw some immediate improvement but was never consistent enough for it to amount to anything substantial. Within month 1 I saw 1/8 in girth, none in flaccid length, 2/16 in standing BPEL, and 3/16 in seated BPEL. I can say that this success can be accredited to three tangible things; good measurement keeping, a written routine, and a pump. I measure BPEL, standing BPEL (which I feel is a true “show me/her what you got” measure), flaccid length (to measure growth capacity/potential), and erect girth once a week, post workout. I have this written on a whole piece of paper I keep folded up in my “tool bag” along with my soft tape measure, ruler, lubricant and pump. My sheet has;
1) my workout for the month with possible progressions (I went too far on the end of week two and had to take that entire next week off)
2) a four month grid week to week for my four measurements ( 5 now, I keep track of how much I can possibly pump up to and how much I pump to when exercising)
3) Another grid telling me what days I will work out and/or just stretch so I can x them off as I go
4) A projection of where I will be number wise in four months as well as a month to month projection
5) An empty space to take random notes I.e. What side I measure on, whether I measure pre/post workout, my penis health or whatever its called (morning wood, soreness, sex wood, etc.) and anything else pertinent

From a psychological standpoint the sheet keeps me engaged and consistent. From a physiological standpoint it can tell me whats working and what isn’t, and therefore what I may need to adjust. For example, when I overdid it I couldn’t get fully erect for a week, for masturbation or sex (which I gotta tell you, SUCKS. Its really hard to explain and/or play off). After my thing could get full throttle I was back on it and managed make some gains before the month’s end. Or the fact that I didn’t make any flaccid length improvements may have correlated with an ineffective stretching protocol ( I switched up at the end of the month and gained 2/16 as of today so either my wrist got really strong or I gained a little, or both). Lastly, taking weekly measurements and writing them down helps you get down your measuring accuracy because although it feels good to think your getting bigger its important that you actually are; You’re doing it for them, not you I hope.

With all that being said good luck fellas. Its not workout routine that makes the difference its how consistent you are with it so think about keeping something to track with. Thanks for reading

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First comes first: congratulations to your gains!

I only can agree to your statement about measuring, journal-keeping and consistency.
As for the pump: I have one but do (not yet) use it. Strictly into manual for the moment, but that’s a personal choice.

Yes, the sheet keeps me under duty too. It gives you the security to know what to do, what you have done, what worked and what did not or less work.
I have a few more values I keep note of, but that’s me in my little nitpickers world.
I just say: my sheet has 103 columns… and yes, I maintain them on a daily base.

The only point where I am asking myself if you are not overdoing a little: a week by week measuring frequency.
I mean, measuring is the biggest pressure we can develop in terms of expectation - in our heads.
Now, if in one week, nothing happens, what do you do? Change the routine? Intensify the routine?

I think our bodies need a little bit more than one week to adopt.
I am measuring every 28 days and still think it is very often.

The tenor of the forum seems to prefer a monthly measuring, but this question is still tormenting me.
What is the ideal measuring frequency (for newbies, for intermediates, for veterans)?
Maybe we should launch a poll about it?

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Thanks for responding. That avatar you got, priceless, by the way.

I figure week by week measurements based on changes in my routine, which can change week to week, especially the stretching routines. For me its a better way to monitor the efficiency of the program. Plus it keeps me motivated to keep going.

And no, maybe not change it if I don’t see a response in one week but in two weeks, depending on frequency, if I don’t see any gains and its not due to a decrease in EQ then maybe I augment my routine. I try to stay consistent with the cycles I’ve written down because I don’t understand the physiology of the penis quite as well as the rest of the body.

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