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The Sadsak Slinky

The Sadsak Slinky

Hi there, I’m moving into my 5th month of P.E and I want to try the Sadsak Slinky excercise. However, I can’t work out how to do it from the photos, and for some strange reason the videos on this site don’t work, for me at least. Could someone just clarify this for me?

1. You grip your warmed up semi erect penis at the base and under the glans, and bend your cock.
2. Raise and control the hand that is gripping under the glans to move the bend from near the base up your shaft.
3. If you’re doing one rep downwards, if you do it right your hand should be moving up and down in order to get the bend to move.

Am I right? the motion I’m attempting does look like I’m playing with a slinky.

Starting BPEL: 7.0, EG: 5.0

My Dream: BPEL 8.0, EG 6.0

Yes by my understanding you are doing it right. That is the method I follow when I do it. I only slinky in one direction in an attempt to fix a curve. I only do regular stretches in the other directions.

Yes you are doing it right, you’ll know when you do it right because it makes your penis plump up when your done with the workout. Good luck!

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