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The return to PE

The return to PE

It has been over a year since my last post. I stopped after about 4 months of PE due to work commitments and a tight ring around my penis (which was “cured” by softening it up with some cream prescribed by a doctor).

For those of you who also have that tight ring a cm or so from the glans, having this cured has made stretching and jelqing a lot easier (not to mention pulling the foreskin back).

Currently (as of March 2009) I have resumed PEing (with the Newbie Routine, 2 days on, 1 off)
Warmup - Alternating Steaming hot washcloths for 5-10mins
Manual stretching - Directions: Straight out, Left, Right, Down, Up, In a circle and stretching it out behind my buttocks
Wet Jelqs at 40-50% Erection level
Warmdown - Alternating Steaming hot washcloths for 5-10mins
Kegeling - I do sets of these at random times of the day (usually erect so I can clearly see it flexing/unflexing).

A bit of History:
Feb Start - May Start 2007

During those previous 4 months of PE I gained about 1.5cm length, 1.5cm girth (the difference between the earliest and latest measurements I took. I do admit to having issues measuring sometimes, and the size fluctuates +/-0.5 cm quite a lot. These gains were almost exclusively in the first month, which lead to my conclusion that these were mainly gains due to increased penis health and erection quality.

May 2007 - Feb 2009

The “break”.

Mar 2009

My erect size after the extended “break” went decreased a bit (I lost 1 cm of girth, the length stayed the same). I attribute this more to living style: bad nutritional habits (1-2 meals a day, very little meat) and worse physical fitness levels (lack of exercise so I got “skinnier”) and some stress/bad sleep habits due to work.

This last month has been quite good so far. I generally measure every off day (24 hours after a workout) to try and get consistent readings. I have measured a 1 cm BPEL gain after a good 3 weeks of PE so far (putting me beyond my previous “max length”). The girth remains unchanged. I currently measure at the maximum erection level I can manage, which should bring down inconsistencies.

A few Questions/Worries

After going through the Newbie routine for a little while I am noticing a very different experience while PEing compared to 1.5 years ago, this has left me with a few worries and questions:

I am getting those red pinprick dots on the middle of my upper shaft much more than I used to (almost every session). I warmup and down very well by alternating steaming but tolerable washcloths wrapped around my shaft. I am wondering on the exact effect the red spots have on the penis. Most say that they should be allowed to heal (through rest days) but what happens when they do? Does the penis then fill with blood more easily/quickly, or have a greater blood capacity?

The red spots on my penis are on the top center of my shaft almost exclusively, they are also on the outer skin of the penis (I am uncut, if I roll the skin of my penis up/down my shaft the spots move with it). Is this indicative of too much pressure being put on the outer skin of the penis? Is there any reason why they are in one location exclusively?

In my previous 4 months of PE, the flaccid hang after PEing was significantly “fuller”, both length and girth wise even if for only an hour or two. Now almost right after I finish the hot wrap, my penis goes back to it’s standard size (although it is near hotwrap temperatures for a good 30 minutes). Is this what most others experience? Along the same lines, I have no feeling of anything resembling soreness after a work out. For those who do experience it, do you attribute it to ligs or other work?

Current successes and the future.

I attribute the relatively quick length gains so far to stretching my ligs while the penis was very warm from the hotwraps (it is also done in a warm room with a heater nearby).

I am quite pleased so far, but do have a few mixed feelings about “only” having erect length gains. Erection quality, girth, flaccid size are all staying the same.

An item I would like to address in the future is the size of my glans, and it’s rigidity. I used to have a tight ring just under my glans which I believe kept my gland more rigid in the past.

For now my goal is to keep at this thread, read answers and update it with a status every 2 or 3 weeks. I will also stick to the newbie routine for a while longer. My immediate goals would be EQ (with the inherent size increase) and less frequent red spots.

Finally, good job for those who managed to get through it all (I barely made it through myself). I also hope that this thread will help others who might have similar experiences and questions.

Early April Status Update

I have no measurable gains since my last post two weeks ago. This is not that bad, since it includes a 4 day break to let a large burst blood vessel heal.

Since the end of March I have also started edging a few times a day. I have read a few threads promoting that, and it is easy to fit in to my schedule anyway.

I have also recently tried an underhand grip while jelqing. This made many spots appear on the sides of the shaft instead of the usual top while using the overhand grip. I assume that the underhand grip puts a lot more pressure on the sides than the top (even though I direct the “squeeze” of both over and underhand jelqs to the sides as much as possible).

I will keep at this routine a while longer, and see where it takes me. If gains stop altogether I will have to review it again.

The only thing I worry about at the moment is the pin prick red spots, that keep coming. I can only hope that eventually my penis will become accustomed to jelqing.

Finally, although post PE my penis does not hang full for more than a few minutes (it generally fades during the 10 minute warmdown) I have noticed that my flaccid hang seems bigger.

Again, if anyone has any questions or suggestions feel free to ask. I will make a point to update this personal log as much as regularly as possible.

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