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The Rest Factor

The Rest Factor

I guess this is for those of you who have made significant gains (1-3”).

I’ve PE’ed on and off for years. With no real net gain. Every time I get started I go for a couple months then see no gains and get discouraged and quit. I knew about PE back in high school which is funny because since I am in college I could definately have benefited from 3+ years of PE. So once again I am starting (this is like the 3rd or 4th time). And I really want it to work. The penis is just such a hard body part to gauge that it’s hard to know if your work out was productive or counter-productive. I’ve always done jelques and stretches. Basically the factor of time in all of this is the most annoying, as most of you know it’s very difficult to find out if a routine is going to work out 3 months from now to see whether or not you are doing it correctly or just wasting your time. Like when working muscles, if you are going up in weight, it’s pretty easy to see you are doing things correctly. I’m a little sick of seeing guys in their first month make 1/2 inch gains while I go for 3 months without anything. I want to know if rest is a key factor. Right now my routine is really basic: stretches, 100 dry jelques, 100 wet jelques and sometimes clamping (for 10 minutes). I do this every other day. I started about 12 days ago and I am taking a 2 day break after my last session. Obviously growth happens when you rest and heal.

So my question is: those of you who have gained plenty, how were/are your rest patterns? How often do you rest in your routine?

Rest matters!

For the first two months I jelqed, I did a five or six day on routine, with one or two days off. Consequently, my penis was always sore, tired, and bruised, and I didn’t make much in the way of gains. In month three I switched to a one day on, one day off routine. Consequently, I started gaining size and achieved better erections.

When I was younger, I worked out heavy at the gym five or six days a week. Consequently, my muscles and joints were always sore, and I didn’t make much in the way of gains. Three years ago, I switched to a lifting routine where I only lifted heavy three times a week. Consequently, I starting gaining size and strength.

Go figure!

Age: 42 Start date: July 14, 2004 Non-BPEL 5 5/8"; Erect girth, mid shaft, 5", base 5 1/4"

Current stats: BPEL 7.5"; Erect girth, mid-shaft (MSG) 5.25", base (BG) 5.5"

Yeh but don’t a lot of people who gain a lot here have a 5 on 2 off routine?

Hey Rubbing!

I am currently trying to address this issue;

sparkyx - When I have made great gains, I…

What I would recommend is start with about 5-10 minutes MAX a day of ONE type of jelque ONLY!!!

Make it pleasant, not so hard that it is uncomfortable. Start with reliable measurements, then remeasure after one to two weeks.

If no progress add 5 minutes of the same exercise for another 1-2 weeks then measure.

Resist the urge to do more or harder, keep the time limit, and make it a enjoyable experience.

Oh, yeah, I really believe visualization is helpful. I never believed it before, but I’ve seen the results.

Proper visualization (while you are actually jelquing) see yourself with the penis you want, see yourself in the present tense. Visualize yourself amazed and happy to have what you always wanted, imagine your girlfriend reacting to it, etc. The more you can make it a multidimensional visualization,the better it works.

Visualize how it would feel, look, how women would react when they see it, feel it etc. The smells, tastes, feelings, maybe see yourself having trouble fitting in a condom etc.

Do this while you are PE’ing and see the results.

Remember, you may very well be overdoing it, so start with a minimum amount and slowly work up in volume and intensity and chart your progress to determine what is working best.

Remember, more is NOT always better!

Watch carefully for the physiologic indications of progress…increased quality and quantities of erections! If you are getting less morning and nite wood…you are overdoing it! Pe’ing should improve it, if it gets less, you are creating more damage than you are allowing time for healing.

I also believe it is better to stretch the tissues daily with little to no damage, than beat the crap out of it, and need three days to recover!


I’m going to go off in the opposite direction and talk about my favorite theory called size memory. That is what is controlling what size you are now and what size you return to if you lay off PE too long. Your cock goes back to its original size, or its size memory. This is the main reason I think that an every other day schedule is the worst of all, because your cock has too much recovery time and goes back to its size memory.

In order to change size memory, you have to have consecutive workout days so you can build on the previous days result. This also means that your workouts have to be in the moderate range so as to not cause so much damage as to cause bruising or tenderness. Moderate workouts leave your cock looking healthy and allows you to have 6 on 1 off schedules. This maximises the ability to build off the previous days result and start altering your cocks size memory to a larger memory size.

The next best weekly workout schedule to 6 on 1 off would be 3 on 1 off, 2 on 1 off. But 5 on 2 off would be less preferable as the 2 days off, you guessed it, lets your cock recover too much and go back to its old size memory.

Wow I never even looked at it that way gprent, what gains have you made doing a 6 on 1 off type routine?

Also, does anybody else agree with gprent? Have they tried such a method and seen good results?

Anybody? Gprent?

Its like fitness. Your body gets accustomed to new levels and that becomes normal. I agree in 6/1, push the envelop.

I’m doing it now, I’ll come back in 2 weeks and report my results.

For the record

I’m stretching all day but in short sessions (bathroom, if I’m waiting for something..etc)


I just realized that you pump, wouldn’t the size memory idea only apply to pumpers? Also don’t pumpers try to go for pumping everyday? or close to it? Not sure if I mentioned it but I’m only doing manual stretches and jelques


Yes, now I pump, but I started out with stretching and jelqing, and stretching and jelqing still comes into play in my routine. It is like the foundation of PE for me.

I think size memory applies to all types of PE. PE is just different methods of stretching out your cock, either lengthwise or girthwise. Your cock is not a muscle so it doesn’t need traditional muscle type rebuild and recovery time. It needs to be stretched out everyday in order to create a new size memory. But, to do the exercises every day, you have to be patient and do them with moderation so as not to cause injury. Daily stretching of the tissues, whether it be manual stretches, jelqing, pumping, or whatever, is what is needed to create a new size memory.

On your previous question, I think I am a hard gainer, but then again, although a long timer, I have not always been consistent like I am now. My gains so far have been 1 1/4 inch in length and 3/4 inch in girth, but the gain I am most proud of is the fact I no longer have turtle dick, as the turtle memory is now long gone.


the penis is not a muscle, true. But I think that you need rest because when you’re stretching, doing girth work, you are breaking down tissues, which need, like in bodybuilding, rest to be restored and grow “bigger and stronger” than before.

I did some what like g suggest for about a month. I did a very short routine in the morning, and a longer harder one in the evening. I would do this for about 3 on one off. I say about because I would take a day off once my penis was really too sore to go on. and that was around the 3rd day. It was sore all the time, sex wasn’t as good. And I don’t think I gained anything from it.

Now I’m doing every other day, and I think it’s much better. However I’m a proponent of changing your routine. I try not to get into a set “routine”. So maybe I did gain from g’s method, simply from the changing of my routine? Don’t get stuck doing the same thing every single day. You body will adjust, I think the key is to mix it up be consistent with your effort, be inconsistent with your application.

The road to hell is paved with good intentions.


you’re problem might have been trying to do it twice in one day..

right now i’m going for everyday but the routine is very light: usually stretching throughout the day and 100 jelques and that’s it (with warm ups and warm downs of course)

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