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The Proper Way to Assess and Rehabilitate?

The Proper Way to Assess and Rehabilitate?

Hey forumers!

So I have decided recently that I need to take myself serious in all aspects of my life and maintain some discipline. This kind of came with the whole growing up in college and having to schedule around classes and organization stuff. I have been doing PE inconsistently for about a year and a half since I was 17 years old. My gains are about 0.25” in NBPEL and NBPFSL. I lost my starting data but I am currently at (NBPEL: 5.25”) and (NBPFSL: 5.7”).

I have plateaued for quite awhile and I know that I need help from people who understand much more about PE than I do.

Jelqing experience (Beginning - 9 month):
I started out doing the JP90 program and definitely noticed that I filled out. I did variations of v-jelqs, standard ok grip, overhand, and jelqs using two hands (2 ok grips). I did these exercises for about 20-30 minutes 2 out of 3 days. I did warmups but never really did cooldowns other than edge. I then stopped jelqing at about the 9 month marker after reading something on the forum about the potential EL gains decreases with the bigger girth size. My general goal has always been to get the EL then the growth size.

Hanging experience (9 month - 17 months):
I started at pretty low weights and am now hanging at 16 pounds for 40 minutes daily (2x20min). I sat with my legs propped up and the weight going downwards and angled backwards towards my body. I keep going up higher in weight whenever I could not feel the stretch exhaustion. I’ve noticed that with these higher weights I am feeling more of a skin abrasion than anything. My skin gets pretty ashy after a hanging sesh and I also have little pimples (might be associated to shaving).

I have been using a rice sock/shower to warm up inconsistently. I always do a stretching warm up (pretty similar to JP90 program). Also, I always dry jelq flaccid randomly every day for at least 10 minutes.

Supplements: (Vyvanse 70mg) - I have pretty intense ADHD but I am considering the affect of Vyvanse and other amphetamines on my long run testosterone levels. I have noticed that I have less of a sex drive and EQ generally for an hour or so after popping a pill.

Questions: So what do you guys think is my next best approach to PE? Do I need to invest more time? Am I doing too much when I am hanging? Should I take any supplements? How should I plan out the rest of my PE? Any feedback is appreciated!


Vyvanse doesn’t affect testosterone that I know. Vivanse messes with your prolactin levels though : too high prolactin, low sex drive.

I think you are hanging improperly; what kind of hangers are you using? You have to improve the hanger attachement, because skin irritation can become a serious issue. If you can’t find a way to hang without too much discomfort, I would suggest trying something else - the old good manual stretching or an extender.

High prolactin levels lowers your level of sex hormones. Hence testosterone is lowered.

I am using the Captain’s Wench without the ribs on the inside. They broke off and never distributed the weight well at all. I use a cloth wrap as well.

Should I continue to just work on length then target girth or is this a bad idea? Should I start hanging in different positions like over the shoulder?


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