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The Power of PE on Amazon

The Power of PE on Amazon

I’ve been building my own power jelq and hanger so I’ve been looking at getting the necessary items and its so funny because on amazon they link gripper pads with cable clamps as items commonly bought together. Obviously that’s us buying that stuff. I wonder if the makers of jar lifters,cable clamps and gripper pads know their stuff is probably of little use except to PE. I wouldn’t know what to do with any of that stuff for anything else. Maybe they discuss it at corporate board meetings behind closed doors.

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Very funny post.

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Any CEO is an active PEer, nowadays.

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I’ve often wondered if the friendly people at the hard ware store have known what I was up to, when I purchased all of the peaces for my potato gun the cashier asked what I was building, and I expanded a spud gun (witch oddly she had never heard of).

Then again when I was getting a break bleeder vac pump, surgical tubing and plastic, the cashier just gave me an odd look and packed up the goods.

Even if these business people knew our intent I doubt any one would call us on it, as it could create and awkward moment :p

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