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The Plateau for Growth


Will take a break of 10 days & re-start this Monday. On day 6 now of my break. Can’t wait to start.

Very true what you guys said. My penis feels better. The blue tip is fading. Been focused on my health & diet. Been Kegeling (my thoughts are fresh healthy oxygen rich blood)

Thinking my new routine will be-

20 minutes stretches (various)
20 minutes; ULI, 440 Horse, ?
20 minutes of Wet Jelqs
Kegel often
Will add pumping of 30 minutes (2 sets of 15 minutes each), very soon.

OK kewl!!

Thanks for all the great advice!

Ended up taking 17 days off. The stress of moving & also had a serious battle with flu. My first flu in about 5 years. Damn Johannesburg winters.

Started again last week (Monday - Friday. Saturday & Sunday off).
Focused on diet & heat.
My routine has been very mixed because of guests I have had staying over. Trying to squeeze it in.
BUT my penis feels really great after the rest. Did loose a little in length but much more in girth & erection power.

My current list of exercises, normally spread over 2 sessions per day.
Heat. (our winter has been really cold & I can feel it affecting my penis).
1)Baseball-Bats (30 seconds long)
2)Baseball-Bats with Over Fingers Bend (30 seconds long)
3)Massage to erection - quick Kegels - long Kegel - 30 second ULI - Kegel - 30 Head pumps - Kegel - 440 Horse with a bend for 30 second - Rotate the penis - Dry Jelq Up

I try for an hour in the morning & 20 minutes or so in the afternoon.

What is the best exercise to work the Corpus Spongiosum, the part underneath the penis if looking from above?? Please advise. Would like to have a really “strong” looking “muscle” underneath the penis like you see in porn videos.

Many thanks to all & keep going!

I thought I was on the right path since the rest. But only this week I realized what works for me..

I highly recommend the rest ~ you miss the PE & can’t wait to jump back in ~ which means you will be more likely to have that fire again.

Mid September 2018 will be about one year since I started PE!!

So here is what works for me & I trust you can learn from it too?
A warm up is important, go for heat & a good erection. (if you can’t or not feeling it, come back later in the day)
Routine is important, you stick to the plan & do what is required.
Routine for me should start (after the warm up), with something like a ULI, I do 8.
(my ULI: erection, kegel blood in & I always think, “get it to 105% filled with blood”. I hold my ULI for 40seconds, then I kegel in more blood & hold for 30seconds, I kegel in more blood & hold for 20seconds. Then I go over into what I believe is called a “440 Horse”? I grab behind the head & pull in opposite directions for 30seconds. I then rotate my penis 360 degress, then slow Jelq up. Kegel as you like.
Then when your penis is plump, sometimes it will be a little unfomfortable, I might wait if it is too tired.
I then go into BTC, Baseball Bats etc.
I have seen the best results first doing ULI’s & then stretches.

Now I would like advice from the forum:
Please select A B or C & then why if you feel like it.

All this relate to stretches & doing it the exact same in every instance, if that makes sense.

A) Lets say you decide on 10 reps at 30seconds for each rep with a small break in between each rep (my current choice - but I think I should change)
B) One continues stretch for 300seconds (the same time duration as doing A)
C) Doing a rep for 30 seconds, relax but not letting go then back into the next rep (I would find this useful with BTC, as I hate doing it, so I am considering this option).

Then another question.
I do have some fat over my pubic area. FUPA. Not very bad, but I find it in the way & I am working on getting rid of it.
But does anybody know of clothing or rings or exercises that will help me with this be it with sex, PE or just to wear for comfort etc.

Many thanks!!

Happy gains!


Lately I have been doing some breathing exercises with thrusting techniques to last longer. I want to use Kegels with this.

Does anybody have some tips/advice on how to last longer in bed?

Maybe the quickest way to give her an orgasm?

I know these are all the million dollar questions but some tips/advice will be awesome.


Stating the obvious?


Maybe I am staying the obvious but I have come to realize that, getting gains is about a multitude of factors.

Combination of honing your PE (routine mixing it up ~, exercises, duration, intensity)
PE recovery. SLEEP!
Anabolic eating.
Intermittent fasting. (I’m currently at 3 days a week, not eating for 16 hours from dinner).
Maximizing your HGH production & release.
Maximizing Testosterone production & release. (2/4 free range eggs with supper, yolks very soft, whites cooked).
Lowering Estrogen levels (eating olive oil, avocado, leafy green veg, wild meat or grass fed meat).
Weight training & keeping your waistline at the best size.
Supplementing (Mixing it up form Red Ginseng, L-Arginine, Multi Vit, herbs, spices etc).
Meditation & breathing. (Not just setting aside time for meditation but being aware of my thoughts ;-)

I believe all of this will give me the best possible outcome for all the effort I have put in & will continue to put in.

I am only going to really start this from 12 November 2018.

Still need to get weights, penis pump & some good quality supplements.

All the best

P.S. Please add to this post. Especially about reducing Estrogen, Supplements & PE tricks for a healthier super big penis ;-)


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