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Originally Posted by Tryingtobebig
- Pills MAY provide some benefits when used with some PE exercises if they increase blood flow and could make for more expansion

I don’t understand where this rubbish about increasing blood flow comes from. There is no fucking way your heart can achieve the pressure that a clamp can - if it did, you’d be dead from hemorageing in your brain and other places.

I think we can all agree that stretching the tunica is the key. There are two theories - stretching over long periods of time (next to 24/7 from outside or inducing priapism from inside) to make cells multiply and grow OR stretching so that the tissues are damaged but stretched and repair in a slightly larger size. Both these theories have merit.

But the notion that blood flow alone would make any difference is rubbish. With or without PE exercizes.

regards, mgus

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Hey gui! Another guy who talks on my language!

I know this not exist, but WHY?? I mean we have so advances on medicine, and nothing on this field!


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