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The Perfect enlarger


I don’t know if companies have invested millions in making products. I would believe that they have made millions in selling them however. The only exception it seems is the water based extender, that seems more thoughtful than most. Then again, I don’t think I have seen the whole range of products out there. In fact has anyone made a list of all products available?

I like the one I have made, I can do stretches in a ‘c’ or ‘u’ or ‘s’, or up or down, also complete twists. the only problems are consistently getting a strong pull, and it digs in at the base and head.

I built my own stretcher from parts found at home depot. I got the idea from a picture I saw in a wikipeadia article on penis enlargement while researching the topic in dec. `09, in fact that picture was the reason I got into the PE thing in the first place.

You have to spend time adjusting the stretcher to get the clamp tight enough and placed well enough so that the head doeasn`t slip out mid session. I found that a wrap of non-slip woven rubber sheeting works best. I used a piece of rubber glove for a while but found that I would slip out before I really found the balance between grip and stretch

Now that I`ve found the right balance, I can target the tunica and can feel the bands on the top of my penis as I sit in the bath and stretch.

I`ve gained 7/8” since december doing this.

thats fanastic a-unit. do you have an image of thise rubber sheeting? is this medical tape?

Originally Posted by boner7484
How powerful is powerful?

With the device I bought, the minimum tension was 2kg and the maximum was 3.5. You could actually go higher than that, but it would not be on the springs anymore so no way of knowing how much tension.

I actually put different, weaker springs in there so I could maintain 1.2 - 1.5 kg of force, which is more in line with what the traction studies used.

Well people can hang like 20-30lbs. So ideally you’d want it to at least get past 15lb’s in tension but yeah never know the thing could break and snap your dick off or something. I really don’t think he can improve on the current low tention long time ones.


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