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The PE chart

The PE chart

I have not contributed to TP in a while despite my excelent gains. I hope that this short explination of how I view workout intensity and injury thresholds will come in handy for the newbies.

Because people tend to ask:
Currently I am 7 inches NBP and 7.5 BP. This is an average measurement taken only on off days.
The fluctuations in my girth make it hard to measure, but I am 5.6 EG without touching my penis, but if I give it 1-2 good Uli-3’s before sex my girth shoots up to 6+ inches for the duration of my erection.
I started as 5.5 NBP and 6 BP by 5 EG with NO FLUCTUATION in either length or girth for any reason.

Now on to the good stuff…

The below attachment describes the method I use to dictate both my on off schedule AND the intensity of my workout.

As you can see, it may take a few days of PE to breach the growth threshold, but once you cross it you must be careful to take rest days or else you will breach the injury threshold. The goal is to use PE days and rest days to stay above the growth threshold and below the injury threshold.

I am going to guess that the first question I will need to answer is “how do you know when you have crossed the growth threshold?” The only indicator is the fatigue of your penis. Most newbies do not know what “fatigue” feels like, which is why it is so important to start slowly with the newbie routine until you have a better understanding of how your penis reacts to certain things. Once you can identify fatigue it becomes pretty easy to end each workout before you cross the injury threshold.

If this is the case than it makes sense that a more intense workout requires more rest time, and therefore the “most” intense workout is actually not as efficient as a less intense workout that you can do several days in a row without rest while remaining between the growth threshold and the injury threshold.

Now, there are ways to move both the injury and the growth threshold in a vertical mannor:
Applying heat raises the injury threshold and lowers the growth threshold.
Getting injured severely LOWERS the injury threshold, making further injury far more likely until your penis has healed back to its normal state.

And so on.

I personally do not Jelq, I find it time consuming and dangerous, but many hundreds of TP residents swear by it. Finding the exercises that work best for you is important, but monitoring your PI’s and understanding what fatigue feels like are FAR more important - i.e. stick with the newbie routine until you are confidant that you will under no circumstances ignore your PI’s and breach the injury threshold while trying new exercises.

Good luck newbies!

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Starting (10 / 2006): 5.8~BPEL, 5~BG ----> Current: 7.6 BPEL, 5.6 BG ----> Goal: Pringles Can

Can you tell us what your routine looks like? I’m a newbie and have been doing the newbie routine for a week. I don’t plan on doing anything else for at least 6 months until I feel my unit is ready. I’m just curious on where I could take it from there (obviously not right away, or in one huge leap)


Originally Posted by WhiskeyFish
I personally do not Jelq, I find it time consuming and dangerous.

Can you give us some insight on what your exercise routine looks like then. Are you pumping, clamping, or just stretching? Hanging? Thanks.

Originally Posted by ThunderSS
Do you now or have you ever worked for the IPCC?


The intergovernmental panel for climate change? I wish. I am too young to hold such a prestegious position.

And for those of you inquiring into my routine:

It fluctuates, but has a few consistencies. For starters I allways do PE in the shower after 5-10 minutes of letting my penis soak up as much heat as possible. I do 10 or so minutes of intense manual stretches which brings me to fatigue, followed by either a set of O-Bends or Uli-3’s (I never mix the two and limit myself to just one “intense” PE exercise per workout) just to cross stress my penis (external elongation pressure and internal expansion pressure) followed by another 2-3 minutes of very light stretches.

Sometimes, if I was forced to take a few days off, or if am not at the point of fatigue by the time I am out of the shower, I either do 10 minutes of Fowfer’s, 10-15 minutes of light hanging, or 5 minutes of clamping.

I usually do 2-3 days on and 1 day off.

Note that I allmost never Jelq, and if I do I never exceed 40-50 wet Jelqs, but I do make sure that there is plenty of blood circulation during and after PE to promote an anti-turtle environment.

Starting (10 / 2006): 5.8~BPEL, 5~BG ----> Current: 7.6 BPEL, 5.6 BG ----> Goal: Pringles Can

Haha, Thunder, are you making fun of the convolutedness of my graph?

If anyone needs help interpreting it just let me know.

Starting (10 / 2006): 5.8~BPEL, 5~BG ----> Current: 7.6 BPEL, 5.6 BG ----> Goal: Pringles Can

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