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The odyssey begins? Help for a struggling newbie.

The odyssey begins? Help for a struggling newbie.

Hey everyone. I’m new here, and i’m afraid i’m probably going to be quite difficult. This is the first time i’ve ever gotten up the courage to do more than lurk around a forum like this, and i’m sure it will be worth it.

First of all, i want to express how big a burden was lifted from my shoulders just by finding this place; it may not seem like much, but what all of you do here is such a huge service that i actually breathed an incredible sigh of relief when i found out. I guess that’s how we should start out!

Basically, i’m…well, i guess i can say ashamed of my body. I’m 18 now, about to turn 19, and i’m at the point now when i’m starting to really think seriously about my physical aspects and how i feel it’s necessary to change them.

I always figured i had a small penis (honestly, i’ve never measured, but i’m guessing i’m no bigger than 4 inches), but an encounter this past summer really enlightened me to the fact. I don’t want to bore you with a lot of details, but the bottom line is i don’t want to be a so-so lover because of something as debilitating as a small penis. I don’t want to have to see the disapointed look in a future girlfriend’s eye when she sees my package. I don’t want to be one of those middle-aged men who have a poor sex-life and up a miserable husband with a miserable wife. Basically, i want to have the size that would not only make me feel comfortable and less self-conscious, but most importantly, would impress and please anyone who meets it, so to speak.

Anyway, enough wasting time! I lurked around her quite a bit and took in as much info as i possibly could, did a little experimenting with some dry jelqing, just to get a feel for it, see how my penis would respond and everything, and i’m getting a bit excited to start trying out a regimen and seeing some results. So, as for questions!

I’m pretty much willing to spend any amount of money for permanent results that look good; have you guys ever tried or had experience with something like this: ? It’s something i’ve been looking at the most, and if it really works, i’d pay the price for it with no regrets.

I checked out the Fitness/Bodybuilding forum a bit; another thing i want to work on specifically is losing a lot of weight. I’m fairly big, and would consider myself overweight, though i’m lucky enough that i’m built pretty solid muscle-wise beneath it. My question is, does anyone here know of any good regimens to follow or any places they can point me in the direction of that would help me get started on that path? Also, does significant weight-loss (i’m going for a good 50-70 pound loss by the end of 2005) affect penis size, either negatively or postively? I’ve always sort of hoped that there’s a longer and thicker penis somewhere beneath all that fat.

Anyway, that’s it! I want to thank you again for giving me the opportunity to finally come and ask for some help with this. I’m really sorry i made it so long-winded and ended up all over the place, but that’s just sort of my way. Again, thank you all so much.

First of all welcome!

I purchased the fastsize extender about a 2 months ago and found that it was a lot of trouble to wear and it was not near as hidden as they say it is. It takes about 5 mins to put it on and you have to remove it every time you piss so public pissing is almost impossible. I decided that I would work on the newbie routines here first to see how that worked for me before commenting too much time into the FS extender. So far I have gained about a half an inch with little effort. I would recommend trying out the routines here first before spending that much money on the device. If you are not satisfied with your gains then you may want to purchase it later but at least you tried the newbie routines first.

If you have any questions about the FS extender I would be glad to help you out where I can, but I highly recommend trying out the routines here first. ;)

Good luck with your gains.

ThunderSS: I don’t actually know what that’s for; it’s what the URL ended up being for me when i hit the site after searching for Fastsize on Google. should take you to the same place, though.

brisk_99: Thank you very much!

One of the reasons i was looking into the Fastsize extender above all others was because it would really be the easiest for me to use. For five days out of the week i’m basically home alone for a good 10 hours out of the day, so it would really be perfect for me to use just relaxing in the bed before or after a shower.

And i’m definitely going to try out the techniques here before dedicating that much cash on the extender, which brings me to some other questions that had slipped my mind earlier (if you don’t mind answering, of course). I’ve heard a lot of mention of warming up before any jelqing or stretching, but i’m unsure of what a good technique for me to use is; a huge problem that presents itself in my quest to enlarge my penis (and also in losing weight) is that i’m trying to do it as somewhat secretly as possible, and that means i want to avoid having to buy any heating pads/lamps/wraps or anything. Would a warm bath/shower work?

And i’ll be sure to ask some after i experiment with some of the routines. It’s good to know i can bring your expertise on the subject to bear.

And thanks again!

It’s an affiliate ID. They have an affiliate/webmaster link at the bottom of the main page. They are paying $10 per referral (paid customer).

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Do a search for “warmup” that may help. The methods that most people use here are hot baths, hot wraps, and IR heating lamps.

Welcome to Thunder’s. Be patient. Don’t overdo things. You said you have read a bit so I don’t know what you have read and what you have not, but here are some good places to start.

Newbie Thread

Bib’s LOT Thread

Sparkyx’s PI Thread

Don’t spend too much money right off the bat. Experiment with proven non-cost routines first. Who knows, they may be all you ever need (as well as keep you from having to “hide” equipment to keep it secret). If that doesn’t work for you then you can start in on other things. Good luck to you. You’ve come to the right place. Thunder’s is a great place to learn and grow. (Hey I like that statement…maybe another motto eh Thunder?…ok maybe not)


Thanks! I think a warm bath would probably work best for me at this point, and i’m gonna start up a routine tomorrow.

And don’t worry! I might be eager to gain, but if i can avoid spending a good 300 bucks, you better believe i will. This site has everything i could hope for, and i’m definitely going to exhaust it’s resources before i consider dropping cash for any devices.

And thanks again. It’s already been a huge help.

By the way, Thunder. I’ll vouche for littledonny. If you do a google search there are a bunch of those links with the affiliate IDs attached to them. So I think it was innocent. Or he is a really good con…lol.


Hey, littledonny! I am a newbie to PE, but not to fitness and nutrition. Of course everyone is different, but I am happy to tell you what I have found in my quest for a nice bod. First, I will tell you that losing weight can certainly make your penis longer. (Well, technically, it just uncovers what you already have). The body does store some fat over the pubic bone, and as more fat builds up there, it engulfs your penis, making it effectively shorter.

As for getting in shape, There are 3 things I would suggest you work on: Cardiovascular exercise, Strength training, and nutrition. For cardio, do anything that gets your heartrate up. I would start out slow, and use PLE (Percieved Level of Exertion) to guage the intensity of your workout. This means you should work at a level that feels like you’re putting forth an effort, but not so much that you can’t carry on a conversation. Rule of thumb: WHile doing cardio, you should be able to talk, but not sing. It is good to do at least 20 minutes, 3 days a week, but more is more and gets more results. On the other hand, (and this goes for all exercise) SOME is better than NONE! Even if you can’t give the workout as much time as you would like, it is better to do 10 minutes than no minutes- it all adds up over time.

Next is strength training. This means working with weights, machines, or bands- anything that offers resistance. Strength training builds muscle and muscle is great for weight loss. Why? Because muscle burns calories just existing. A big bodybuilder burns more calories sound asleep than someone with minimal muscle does walking down the street. Here’s an important point about this: Form is more important than weight. It is less important that you lift heavy than that you are in control of what you are lifting. A good way to start out is with machines (Nautilus, etc.) if you have access to a gym, because they isolate muscles, keep your movement in the proper arc or plane, and minimize the possibility of injury. You can move on to free weights later when your stabilizing muscles are stronger and can support good form.

As for nutrition, here’s what works for me: I eat frequently, make sure I always eat a balance in terms of protein and carbs, and try to keep treats and desserts to a minimum. A mistake people often make when they try to lose weight is to just stop eating. They eat one meal a day, or 10 bites 3 times a day, or whatever. Here’s the deal. We evolved in an environment where food supplies were erratic. (There were no supermarkets when we got up on two legs.) So our bodies are equipped to deal with whatever situation arises. If your drop your calorie intake too drastically, your body thinks your stranded on an island with no food, and cranks your metabolism way down. The result of this is that you start storing more calories as fat. IF, on the other hand, your body has a constant flow of calories coming in, it thinks you’re living in a lush Eden and that there is really no reason to conserve energy (as fat), and ramps your metabolism up. This doesn’t mean you can eat however and whatever you want, but it does mean you should not try to starve yourself. I try not to eat too many simple carbs- sugars, white flour products, because they spike your blood sugar, which then causes your body to release a surge of insulin, which triggers a fat-storage response in your body. The worst things for this are “exploded” carbs, like popcorn and rice-cakes. I don’t worry about the carbs in fruits or starchy vegetables. Protein is key- it slows down the metabolizing of carbs so they enter the bloodstream more evenly, and help you feel full longer. Eat some protein every time you eat. Don’t freak out too much about fat. Watch it, but don’t try to eat fat-free. Your body needs some lipids and fatty acids to carry out cellular function, hormone regulation, etc. My general rule is about 30% of my calories fom fat. A quick guideline is this: you’re allowed 3 grams of fat for every 100 calories. (that works out to 27% of calories from fat.) I favor olive and vegetable oils over saturated fats like butter (Solid at room temp), and do try to avoid anything hydrogenated.

As with the exercise, some improvement is better than none. So, if you “fall off the wagon” and eat a package of Oreos, don’t say, “Well, that’s it! I might as well forget the whole thing.” Just put it behind you and make a better choice next time.

Bill Philips’ “Body for Life” program is a great read in terms of explaining your body’s metabolic processes, and the basics of exercise and nutrition. If you are more comfortable with a clear and precise program, it is a good place to begin. I actually did the whole 12-week program. However, his idea of food is (IMO) dreadful. His choices make sense, nutritionally, but are a crashing bore in terms of flavor. He clearly sees food a a source of fuel, and not at all as a source of enjoyment. I think it can be both. consequently, I stuck to the basic theory, but modified it a lot so that there was actually flavor. (It never even occurs to him to use an onion or some garlic, which are delicious and have almost no impact calorically).

So, there’s a (very lengthy) idea of what works for me. I am 34, 6’2”, 180#, and 11% body fat. My body isn’t extraodinary, but I am fit. Hope that helps!

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Ynarevith73: Thanks for the vouch! I do apologize for that; I originally got the link from a porn website, and I noticed that there was something wrong with it, so I did the Google search for it and it ended up as the same thing.

Ganymede: You have no idea how much that’s helped me already. If you don’t mind, I’ll probably PM you a bit over the course of the week just to get some specifics on workouts and give you an idea of how my routine and food intake is. Again, thanks so much, this is an unbelievable help.

Glad it was helpful. PM me if you like.


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