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The Obligatory Stupid Questions! (TM)

The Obligatory Stupid Questions! (TM)

Okay, I’ve been going at this for a little while already, so I’m not going to say anything TOO aneurysm-inducingly stupid. At least, I hope not. I never can tell for sure what I’m up to though.
Anyway, I was just wondering if the vets could answer a quick query or two.

1) How long do you think I should warm up on my noob-boob routine before it’s safe to try something more intense (been going almost-daily for a month now)? I’ve been mixing in a few advanced moves as I felt able, but the horse squeeze hurt a little so I backed off. I pretty much go by feel, but if you all have some kind of magic formula that’d be good to know. How long should I acclimate my piece before I go for some light hanging, maybe?

2) I’ve been gaining girth amazingly fast for what I’m doing - a fairly irregular routine of dry jelqs and manual stretches throughout the day whenever I get the chance. What do you think of this? Should I lighten up the jelqs and go solely for length stretching until I get closer to my goal? My stats should show up below (the significant growth happened in the last 2 months).

3) Is my sig too damn big, or is it OK?

1. If you are gaining, why change? You could probably start looking into hanging now. Just take the time to understand what you are doing, before you do it.

2. That is your choice BigBob.

3. No, it is fine now. :)

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The magic formula is going by feel so you are right on target there. I agree with the boss, why change what is working? A lot of guys get the quick 1/2 inch gain to start with and then reality kicks in and growth slows.

By now you should be ready to attempt just about anything. You have the right attitude of listening to what your body is saying and not going overboard. Continue with this philosophy and the results will go on.

BigBob, I think that if girth is that easy for you, you should go for 7, just to get there, and then do maintenance jelqing for the rest of your life. It depends on whether you have time constraints for your exercises. If you can do both in the same session, or do length in the morning and girth at night (when it’s fun to incorporate into your whacking off routine) then just go for it.

As for anything else, you’re doing the right thing. Continue to go by feel. If it hurts too much, stop. I think you’re conditioned enough and sentient enough to try things without hurting yourself. Just go easy at first.

I’d say if it works stick with it. Keep with the same routine until the gains dry up and then step up the pace.

As for the girth question, I’d just like to say that I hate you. There, I said it. You started off about the same size as me and now you are about 8 inches wider. Bastard. ;)



Congrats man. That’s excellent progress. Best of luck in the future

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