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the newbie method

the newbie method

Basically starting with the newbie methodd
30second stretch x 10 in different angles
2-3 second jelq x200 and ill increase by 1 everytime i do it.
5second Kegel hold x 50

So basically has anyone ever gotten gains with this routine. I dont even know how to measure my length or girth. Length id figure i shud use a ruler buttt im not sure why but my measurement always changes.

Hi there and welcome.

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Yes, you use a ruler to measure length, you have two choices, bone pressed or non bone pressed. There is debate on whether the ruler should lay across the top of the penis (looking down its what you see when holding it out) or along the side. Either way, do it the same way every time for consistency. Girth is done with a piece of string, wrapped around the penis at its thickest point, marked with a pen or something, and then lay the string out on said ruler.

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Nope, nobody has ever gotten gains from the newbie routine. That is why we have everyone start out doing it. :rolleyes:

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START HERE - you should be able to find threads here about how to measure. Actually, you should find threads there about how to do everything you need to get started.

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