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The new guy

The new guy

So I ran across this thread wondering if there were any exercises for increasing the penis (is this politically correct for the site?). I’ve been working out the rest of my body pretty hard and figured if it’s a body part theres gotta be something that can improve it one way or another.

So being a noob.where do I start in types of techniques? How about to straighten a bit of a left hand off ramp (curve to the left).


Check the big letters at the top of the newbie forum. Maybe that part that says read this first might have something helpful, not sure though.

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Well, let’s avoid an excess of sarcasm, we all were newbies. But the jb advice is right, kosbazi.

And welcome on Thunder’s Place :) .

Yes, there are exercises for increasing penis size, that’s why this place is called “Thunder’s Place Free Penis Enlargement Forums” :)

As to techniques and routine: START HERE ——-> NEWBIE ROUTINE <——- Important Newbie Threads/Info

Best of luck

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Thanks! I completely overlooked the letters at the top :)


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