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The most informative post

The most informative post

Hi guys this post is more for the senior people here or anyone who made gains

I think why not to make post that anyone who made gains write his gain and the time its take and if he injury or feel less erection in one of the method that he use

And the method he use for the gains .

If somebody mix many method write this and how long in any method.

After 3 month or when the post will be very informative we can take all the information and put it in tablet and get a very informative details about

What is the most effective method in average and what is the most quick method for gain and etc..

Sorry for my bad English

So all we have to do is just that anyone write his details about his PE career

Be honest and include only informative details

Originally Posted by abarbotel

So all we have to do is just that anyone write his details about his PE career
Be honest and include only informative details

All you and only you need to do is use the search option. There are many threads by many members who have practiced many combinations of methods. But for all that info you need to dig a bit.
Successful PE means a lot of research. Don’t be lazy and expect others to do it for you.

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Newbie routine.

I think if you are new to PE just start with the newbie routine.
I wager a bet that more collective gains have been made using the newbie routine than all the rest of the methods combined. Part of this is because the early gains are the easiest to achieve, but also because basic jelqs and stretches are the heart of most PE.

I gained 3/4” length using only the basic newbie routing in my first 2 months.

2008 Starting size: 5.25 BPEL, 5.5 girth, vol. 12.7

2009 Plateau reached 6.5 BPEL, 6.0 girth, vol. 18.6

2012 Resumed PE 6.7 BPEL, 6.0 girth, Vol=19.2 Goal: it's all about the volume: Vol. > 20

I’m not lazy and I’m not newbie

I dig in this site from 2009 you can’t call me a lazy because if I was a lazy I was not offer myself to make a tablet with details

The idea is to organizer all the details and the gain and the time its take to made gain and the method of the PE to one big tablet

You can read many post but the details you get from that take you lot of time

When you can only look on tablet and see what is the best method or average time to gain from any method and etc.. A lot of details

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