The most gradual routine possible

Hey guys,

I’ve toyed around with PE for the last 3-4 months, always stopping in between and generally being a dumb ass when it comes to effectively approaching these exercises. Eventually I got to a point where I’d be jelqing for 20 minutes with quite a high force, manual clamping 2x5 minutes, did 3x12 minutes stretches, fowfers all the time and pretty much scolded my dick with hot water to “warm up” or “cool down”; with around 2 rest days a week.
For a newbie like me, this was obviously way, way too much and I essentially broke my dick for some time, meaning very poor EQ which lead to bad sex with my GF which lead to the frustration of both of us.

Luckily, I recovered 100% of my penile health in 2 weeks or so and dropped PE altogether.

Now that I had my time to toy around with various methods (guess I was too impatient), I come back to PE using the most gradual routine possible to find my sweet spot for penile fitness and growth.

I start with 5 minutes of low force jelqing at around 50% erection level, as this feels good to me; with one rest day, Tuesday as I have very little spare time on this day. The plan is to add 1 minute per week, and when I get to 10 minutes a day, to slowly introduce stretches. Only then I will warm up/cool down, because soft jelqing warms the penis up on it’s own.

My length is about 6 inches; girth hasn’t been measured yet.

This post’s purpose is to make myself commit to this new approach, share my thoughts with you and maybe give other newbies an impulse to start thinking in another direction and not to repeat my stupid mistakes.

If anyone wants to comment, feel free to do so; if not, that’s fine as well ;)

Greetings ! :)