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The moment you believed PE was real

The moment you believed PE was real

I was frustrated, depressed and felt inadequte.

I was frustrated that women could plunk down a couple grand and recieve larger breasts, while men either had to be content with what they had or risk surgery that could leave you with a larger dong, but could also (at the time) leave your unit lumpy, permanently soft, or with strange erection angles.

The disclaimers from the doctors about the risks of surgery were enough to keep me from considering it as an option, otherwise I would gladly have paid big money for a longer johnson. I was prepared to live my life with a penis I considered short.

Watching porn, I would constantly compare my weiner to the weiner of the male porn star. The guy would be lacing into the girl, and she would be going nuts! I’ve rarely had sex like that! It’s only recently that I’ve been told that good sex in the real world is nothing like porn; they’re actors acting. Of course, at the time, that’s all I really knew, so since I could thrust, I attributed large penis size to good sex and concluded that since I wasn’t large, I would never really enjoy good sex.

It was pretty depressing actually. I was (still am, sort of; but I know this will dissappear with PE) self conscious during sex due to the length of my penis. I just couldn’t enjoy it, because the fear of being inadequate kept my mind from focusing. The problem extended into meeting girls as well. Though I’m not a player, I’ve actually turned down sex when in BED with a female that’s ready to go, for fear of her talking to her friends.

And girls DO talk. Don’t kid yourselves into thinking that they don’t. EVERY SINGLE girl that I’ve been friends with (many ethnic backgrounds), even the most prudish ones, have told me some peice of sexual trivia about a) their past boyfriends/flings, or b) a person we both know. I once had a girlfriend comment directly after sex about a guy that she fucked that had a large whacker; this didn’t help me at all… To hear girls in a group is even worse; all the stops come out! They laugh like crazy or at least giggle about guys with short johnsons and collectivly get ‘hot’ when talking about a guy they all know that supposedly has a huge wang. During one of the sessions, one of the girls even burst out crying after breaking up with her boyfriend. She shreiked “he had a huge cock!” Is penis size that important?!?!?

Perhaps its only the girls that I know, but it’s happened more than once with different groups, so it’s gotta be true! :)

No matter which path I took, it would all come back to penis size. My feelings of inadequacy were only compounded with porn images and the discovery of free circulation of private information. I know I would eventually get on with my life, but I also knew that it would continually be a joy-kill every time I saw a smoking latina or korean girl walking down the street; look, but don’t touch. Is that anyway to live?

That’s when it happened. I began searching the net, from time to time, for penis enlargement information. I’m not sure why, exactly. Perhaps it was all of those “grow your penis” emails I had been bombarded with. I tripped on a couple of sites that confirmed that one could increase his size with very inexpensive hangers and pumps. They often included some low quality (sometimes obviously faked photos). I wanted to believe, but just couldn’t. I didn’t stop looking though.

Finally, I came across one or two sites and a pdf about PE. Unlike the rest, they weren’t pushing a product, rather they were offering FREE information. I was a huge skeptic. Shit, it was too good to be true. I could get a larger willy and it wouldn’t necessarily cost me a dime, only time? But I saved those pages, even if I was skeptical, it was hope.

The moment actually came later when I tripped on I started reading posts about a whole community of PE’ers. As I continually read, I quickly lost my skepticism. I was fimilar with message boards and couldn’t believe that hundreds of users would lie about the benefits of PE. I was a believer. I could get those inches that I wanted. It still is exciting just thinking about it!

I later tripped on thunders place, did more reading and finally signed up.

I know I wasn’t the only skeptic out there. I’m sure many in this board were also skeptical or still are.

Skeptical or not, I want to hear your story.


STATS | G O A L : 8.5" x 6" BPEL | STORY

Back into PE after 3 year pause

A couple of years ago, a friend of mine got his first GF.

He was over my place and he was asking me questions about sex and stuff (I was somewhat the guru, even though I had no experience) so I went searching on the net to show him pics and stuff, you know, anatomy and what have you. (I came first in my sex-ed class in school) :D

The question came up regarding size. We discussed the topic, he asked what was average, is it important, etc… I found “the definitive penis size survey” and we read it together.
He said to me “Do you think all those stupid pop-up ads saying you can grow 20-30 inches in a week are true?” We were kidding around and joking, but there was a core of seriousness. I said “who knows, maybe I’ll give it a try.” Almost as a joke,

But I did…

Over the next few weeks/months, I did half-hearted tugs and pulls every once in a while. Half expecting it to do nothing, but with a calm optimism. To my disbelief, it appeared to be working. I never took accurate or regular measurements, but I’m pretty sure that I gained about an inch in length in a few months.

I didn’t really believe it was changing. It seemed that every time I measured it would be longer…

I thought I must be measuring wrong or something….

I was never really skeptical. I had an open mind, and I gave it a try. I just wish that I’d been super-dedicated like DLD and stuck to a hardcore routine in the beginning. If I did that then maybe I’d be at my goals by now :(

As for my friend, I told him about my approximate gains, and up until recently he has asked me almost every time I’ve seen him “how big is it now?” LoL even though it hasn’t grown much if anything in months and months and months to say the least. He never took it up. I don’t think it was a lack of belief. I think he was just accepting of his size and too lazy to see what getting bigger would be like :) Fair enough I say, his choice.

I was very convinced yesterday when I was 7.25 BPEL.

I think I started at about 6.7-6.8 BPEL like, 2 months ago.. tops.

"You are entitled to your own opinion, but not your own facts."

I believed it for real after I saw DLD rescue a trapped kitten from a tree with his member. That and the time I dropped my keys down the sewer great and my 38” sleeve length arms couldn’t get it, but DLD and I didn’t need to call the locksmith. Saved me money!

Seriously, I was skeptical too. I saw many free sites and everything else. I printed pages out and was like yeah right. It was this board and Pe Forums that really hit me home on it. The final proof was Lil12big’s collage of growth.

“You see, I don’t want to do good things, I want to do great things.” ~Alexander Joseph Luthor

I know Lewd Ferrigno personally.

Tug_monkey, you are very lucky to find PEforum and Thundersplace!!! There are a lot of fake sites charging your money and giving you nothing special other than basic stretch and jelq techniques that are known by everyone here. I do believe you might get some gains purely from manual stretching and regular jelqing, but it will take far more time. From my own experiences, the most effective methods were contributed and invented by senior members here.

After I noticed that I had gained 0.25” EL and 0.25” EG at the first time just after 3 months’ PE, I regreted that I didn’t start it earlier. I was a lurker of PEforum over two years, but actually only started PE seriously in last October. Now I’ve gained 0.5” EL and 0.4” EG totally after 7 months.

Good luck for your PE journey!

Hi tug_monkey,

I discovered penis enlargement about four months ago. At the time, I was searching for information on the average penis size and on one of the sites I came across, I found an ad for a natural penis enlargement program that I signed up with.

Like many people, I was at first skeptical about penis enlargement, especially as I tried the exercises of a for-pay penis enlargement program. However, they had a money back guarantee and so I thought: “What the heck?” - I will try it and see to where it leads. Boy, I am happy today that I did try!!!

Thus far, I have gained 1 inch in erect length and more than 1 inch in erect girth, now measuring 7.3” in length and 5.8” in girth when I’m fully erect.

I noticed first gains in girth after two weeks, more girth gains for an additional two weeks and then my first length gains after the first month of PE-ing. That’s when I realized that penis enlargement works. And that’s also when I understood that I could get to any size if I just never gave up until I have the size that I want (8.0” - 8.5”).

If you know where specifically you want to go - as with any goal in life - if you can picture it clearly, if you basically feel as if you have already attained it, you will develop enough momentum to finally go there. Even it takes 20 to 30 minutes every day to get there, I realized that I will get there. Put in the hard work, and success will follow!!!

Greetings, pe_dude


Daily PE routine:

a) 2 min warm-up
b) 180 PC exercises
c) 6 x 1 min straight stretches
d) 400 jelqs
e) 2 min warm-down

+ 2 Vigrx penis enlargement pills ( in morning/evening

Yeah, well i knew that I would grow…but I’m still disappointed in my lack of recent length gains. Im stuck at 7.5” bpel and I want to get 8” nbpel. My girth…im more than happy with that. Im at 6” right now and loving it.

Now: 8.5" bpel 6" eg Goal: 9.5" nbpel 6" eg (maybe more)


You basically summed up my life before getting into PE. I guess I always felt I had a small dick, and the burden became tougher and tougher to handle through-out high school. Through some of my high school years, I would do searches of Penis Enlargement. All I really found back then was hanging and pumping. I didn’t know shit about hanging then, gave it a try with some rope, but just had no belief it would work.

So I accepted that 4.5” would be what I’d have to live with. I felt a little cheated, but I accepted what I was given. I felt it wasn’t fair I couldn’t do anything to change this. I felt powerless. I tried putting it behind me, and was able to for the most part. I still did the things I wanted to, went out with the guys, flirted with girls, etc. There were a few girls I wanted to get involved with back then, I knew they liked me, and I had an interest in them, but one thing stopped me from going passed flirting, my dick size. I just couldn’t handle their reaction if they thought/knew I had a small dick. And even more troubling would be them telling their friends and having a reputation of having a small dick. In high school, word travels fast, and I didn’t want to chance it. I was well liked, and probably could of had a few gf’s in high school, but whenever they got too close, I pushed them away, and moved on. I didn’t want the added pressure. So I watched opportunity after opportunity pass me by. And I was fairly content with missing these opportunities, because atleast I knew I couldn’t of been embarrassed about my dick size, since I wouldn’t let any girl see.

I loved high school, but sometimes I wonder “What If.” I missed some chances with a few great girls, and maybe my life would of came out different if I said “what the hell” and went for it. “What If” I was born with a bigger dick, instead what I was given. Would I of had more sex? Would my morals gone out the window, and I’d be having sex constantly? Would of I had a different date to prom? Would I of fell in love? I guess those are a few things, I can never answer.

So I graduated and still look at high school in a positive way. It was alot of fun regardless of my insecurities. I moved onto college and started seeing a girl that went to my old high school. I guess I let her in my life more than I usually would since we were going to different colleges at the time. So, atleast if she said something negative, I wouldn’t hear about it, or atleast hope I didn’t.

Over the summer we hung out alot, and we got really close. It felt good to show my feelings, and feel like I didn’t have to hold back. One thing led to another in my room one day, and we had sex, but the whole experience wasn’t as good as I’d thought it’d be. The lingering thoughts of my insecurity was going through my head constantly while we were having sex. The condom didn’t fit how I thought it would, and honestly she felt loose to me. She said she was a virgin, so I figured I was the reason it felt so bad. This didn’t help my ego at all. I started to push her away, I just didn’t want to deal with the stress at the time, and she was going away to college anyways. I didn’t want a long distance relationship and I had my own issues to deal with. So she went away to college, and we kept talking to each other as friends. Slowly we drifted apart and I lost touch with her.

Shortly before fall term was starting in college, I was checking my e-mail one night and recieved an ad from a PE Paysite(Penis Development). My interest was struck immediately, so I checked out the site and read through everything. I thought to myself “Hey this could work.” I thought I’d give it a shot, I had nothing to lose. I thought if this didn’t work, then nothing will. I was going to dedicate myself to this PE Program, no way I was going into this half-assed. As bad as it sounds, it was my number one priority. Starting at 4.5”, I was hoping for any type of change. I never missed any workout days, and actually trained complusively. The first 3 months into PE, I probably took 5 days off combined. I worked out at the gym, went to school, and did PE, making my PE workouts come first before anything.

My initial goal when first getting into PE was just to be average. I felt I was behind every other guy, and I atleast wanted to keep up with everyone. I’d take being “average” over being small anytime. So I was completely dedicated to this program. I made sure I did everything correctly, and made sure I did it atleast 6 days out the week. The hardness in my erections came first. Once I saw that first change a few days in, my optimism grew because I knew atleast something was changing down there, even if was just a harder erection. First time I measured I had jumped to 5”. I didn’t get overly excited over it, because I thought maybe I had measured wrong the first time or maybe there was some sort of error of how I was measured. I figured if I got to 5.5 or 6”, then I would know for sure it was working. Well I reached 6” in less than 3 months, and after that there was no turning back.

Shortly after adjusting to being “average”, my motivation took a dive. I had accomplished what I wanted to initially, to reach 6”. The week of hitting 6”, I took that week off, and just did other things. I went out on a date that week, and ended up having sex one night with a girl in the back of my car. She said she was a virgin, but who knows. Well anyways, she had said “I hope you’re not too big, since its my first time.” When I finally took my boxers off, she said “Oh, you’re a good size since I’m virgin. Atleast I know it wont hurt.”… That was a huge stab at my ego. I wasn’t even mad at her for saying that. That night changed my outlook on a few things. Being “average” just doesn’t cut it, so why should I settle for being like everyone else? I wanted to be above average. I took her negative comment and made it into something positive. She gave me a renewed purpose, I was fully motivated again.

I set the bar for 7x5.5. I reached that fairly quickly, and passively continued to do PE. Around that time I stumbled onto PE Forums from the old Ezboard. I had got the link to the site from a second paysite I started using(PenileFitness). I did alot of reading before doing any posting. I thought it was awesome that there was alot of guys trying to do the same things I was doing and I could talk about. PenileFitness’ forum was very slow, and PE Forums had alot more traffic than PenileFitness.

As I was reading some of the experiences/stories from PE forums, my expectations dropped. Many guys had smaller gains than I had gotten. I had thought my gains at the time(2.5 in length, 2.0 in girth) were normal. After reading those posts, I learnt I had gotten lucky in the gain department. At the same time, my belief hit the wall. I didn’t think I had any more potential to gain, after comparing myself to other PE’ers. I believe DLD went through the same thing, before reading Bib’s experience.

I couldn’t get myself passed 7”bp. So I did some reading about hanging, and bought myself a Bib Hanger. It was tough to make those initial adjustments, but thanks to Bib I got the hang of it. (Thanks Bib) For about 3 and a half months, I hanged for hours a day. It put me up to 7.5”bp. Til this day I still owe Bib that extra 0.5” in length he gave me through all his help and advice.

The unreachable goal was 8x6” and I was able to reach that length goal. DLD’s posts gave me a new belief of how much I can gain. Sky’s the limit for me. As of today I sit at 8”bp in length. I’ll start going for that 6” girth after I reach my new length goal of 9” bp. I’ve come along way from that 4.5x3.5 size I started with. I appreciate everything I’ve gained from PE, and its had a positive effect in other aspects of my life. I just feel alot better now than I did almost 3 years ago when I first started PE. Its undescibable. It feels awesome.

I’m hoping to reach that 9x6 someday soon, within the next year hopefully, and spend more time on other things. I’ll always be involved with PE in some way, and with both PE Forums and Thunders Place. I owe alot to these boards, and even though I don’t post as much as other guys, I really do appreciate everyone’s involvement in these boards.

Thanks Guys. Coming up on 3 years of PE this October.

"It doesn't matter where you start, it only matters where you end up."

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Well, it seems I’m taking a full faith plunge in PE here.

I’m just starting, so there’s no success story from me. But in a funny way, I was convinced this is going to work, before even coming to this forum. Everybody’s posts are just making it easier (and safer).

Just by acting on my insecurities, makes me feel a lot better.

Thanks to you all.

Welcome aboard pilot!

As for when I knew it was working: during masturbation, I noticed that I had more to play with. What a great feeling!

These stories are too fun to read! Although I’ve summed up LD-deficiency (LD = Long Dilznick) leaving certain things out, it’s so interesting to find that many of us shared such a similar path.

Sceejay, pe_dude, Yguy your stories were INCREDIBLE! In fact, with your permission, I would like to include them into the PE BIBLE (which I’m thinking of renaming to Thunder’s Place PE guide or something; if allowed).

Of course, it was refreshing to hear the inspiration and goals in the other posts. Thanks for the submissions!

For the rest of you? What is *your* story? When did you turn from a non-believer into person suspended in dis-belief? When was your “moment.”

Can’t wait to hear more, but am forced to wait regardless :)


STATS | G O A L : 8.5" x 6" BPEL | STORY

Back into PE after 3 year pause

Oh yeah,

I don’t know how I can welcome someone to a place I’ve just arrived at, but for what it’s worth: welcome pilot! I wish you the best of luck on your path to long-dickliness…


STATS | G O A L : 8.5" x 6" BPEL | STORY

Back into PE after 3 year pause

I think YGuy’s story is one of the best IMHO….

tug_monkey, you writing the PE Bible? And you want to include me? Oh you flatter me… oh do go on :)

Be sure to include illustrations so that all the lowly followers before me will know what the score was! And where to send cash!

(Anyone who saw the episode of Futurama when bender becomes god will find the whole bible idea very funny indeed) :D

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