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The Mission

The Mission

Hello Everyone,

This is a fantastic site. I ran across this site while I was researching penis enlargement pills; this research was prompted by an advertisement I saw in Maxim Magazine. I have always wanted and fantasized about sporting a big dick like the ones in porn videos. Anyway, I visited other sites and most of the sites were pay sites and a few free sites. After reading and researching a few of the methods/articles/threads on this site and other sites, I’have decided that PE is feasible concept I.e. This works plain and simple. The statistics are overwhelmingly positive with the understanding that it takes time, dedication and patience.

I started this “Mission” in early November 2005 with a very simple routine e.g. 100 dry jelqs (2 second stokes) and 5 set of straight out/right/left pulls (10 second pulls); this routine was executed in the morning before the 6:30 AM shower. I did this for about one week and noticed that my dick was definitely fatter. At this point, I decided to take initial BPEL and EG measurements (BPEL 5.5 x EG 4.5) to monitor progress and began a simple spreadsheet to monitor progress/workout routine/forecast-ed lengths based on predicted fractions of an inch per week. I wanted to take a scientific approach.

The routine that I have been using entailed 1000 wet jelqs (1-2 second strokes) performed 6:00 AM followed by 10 sets of straight out/right/left 20 second pulls and 1000 wet jelqs performed at about 10:00 AM. During this 3 month period; routine frequency was 5 days on 2 days off; note that I warm-up by performing fowfer 10 minutes before I begin the routine (using heat generated between my thighs). I measured every week and at the end of the third month, I was BPEL 6.375; this was definitely encouraging that’s a gain of 0.875 inches (7/8” total gain). I decided to include clamping beginning in the fourth month to add thickness since my dick was conditioned; after one month of clamping (3 to 4 sets of 10 to 15 minutes). The clamping added 0.25 inches in about one and half months (EG 4.75). In addition, I decided to cement my gains by performing 10 sets of 10 second straight out pulls and 20 dry jelqs every time I used the restroom. I did not see negative Physiological Indicators during this period with the exception of skin irritation from using lotion for wet jelq; I corrected this by changing to Baby Vaseline.

Approximately 4 months has transpired, I believe that I’m encountering plateau in BPEL. At this point I purchased herbal pills from General Nutrition Center to perhaps trigger a response from my dick. I chose this product because it seems to contain the herbal ingredients to enhance blood flow and mainly it was very accessible. The observational result (no measurements) after using this for one month, I noticed that my flaccid length is visibly longer and the girth is thicker. This product definitely enhances blood flow. When taking this (2 pills) in the morning, I had problems stretching my dick since it got easily hard; I corrected this by taking the pills after my 10:00 AM PE workout.

Sorry that my actual question was prefaced by a lengthy introduction. For the Thunders members that have experience with herbal pills, (my question finally) when are you supposed to take the pills – morning, after PE, before bedtime – when. I want to maintain a decent flaccid at all times. I believe that if the penis is at least 30% to 50% engorged; the penis will have to adapt and grow.

I welcome any comments for this post.

My goal is 10x6; time-line 5 years; this is known as the “Mission”.

I appreciate the comments, research and dedication that was put into this site.


I would incorporate hanging in my routine.

It’s the best way to break a lenght plateau, as I have read here.

Start slowly, low weights, and take a look at the hanger’s forum :)


Thank you for the suggestion; however, I think it’s too early in the game to incorporate advanced stretching techniques. I would like to max out the manual exercises for length gain first. As I stated above, I have began clamping to enhance the girth gains; I believe that I’m a hard gainer in terms of girth - the clamping is working.


Moderators / Vets,

I need some feed back.



I been consistently PEing for approximately 4.5 months. I know that clamping is an advanced excercise for girth gains; however, I don’t think that I’ve maxed out the ligs using manual exercises.



Thank you for the link. This link gave me some ideas. By the way, two weeks ago I added BTC stretches to my routine to perhaps trigger a response from the unit and it worked; I read a thread on this site about it; it’s an intense stretch. Anyway, I measured yesterday and I gain an additional 1/16”. It’s amazing how the unit responds to new excercises. I’m hoping to gain another 1/16 by the end of this month amounting to a total gain of 1” in 5 months of PE. If this happens and it will; I’ll have to open the Caymus Special Selection Cab to celebrate.


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