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The little things

The little things

Here are some little extras that I have added to my regular regiment:

1. I started dressing on the other side of my boxers, it feels less comfortable but I get more mini-erections throughout the day and I believe this helps with blood flow.

2. I started trying one new exercise per day, with very light intensity. I think this is beneficial because each person is different and some exercises may work better for growth than what is suggested in the newbie routine. For example, I never felt inclined to try a “squat stretch”; it just seemed like too much hassle. Why squat down when I can lay or stand? But after trying it one time I believe I have found my staple exercise, it works very well for me.

3. I’m also trying to clean up my diet, no caffeine or smokes, and more water and vitamins.

Please post any tips or tidbits you feel are helping your growth in addition to your basic routine, Thanks.

Dressing on the other side of your boxers?

You mean wrapping?

I’m a little confused.

Normally I place my unit on the left side of the inseam, I now put it to the right and feel like I am getting a small all day stretch. I think it helps because I have been dressing in the same position for the past 25 years, so it keeps my unit guessing.

I think it is an excellent idea to try a new exercise. I never really thought of it, at all. I`ve only got a this week and next before I`m done with my newbie routine. I will then incorporate new exercises,and just experiment with them.


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