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The law of attraction


Lets set this up as an experiment. Visualization is a powerful tool that Olympic athletes use to perform better. I remember reading that visualization stimulated the same muscles at a micro level that would have been stimulated during performance. This could help increase gains.

The down side to this routine is that if you don’t gain, it will fully ruin your moral for PE. You will start thinking that it doesn’t work…

I used to believe in it quite a bit around 1.5-2 years ago, strongly visualizing things before going to sleep etc., but over time I realized all you have to do is simply be optimistic and think positive whatever you do and you will succeed.

However your mind is oriented will be reflected in your reality. In other words, whatever attitudes and beliefs you are predisposed to will physically attract those ‘things’ most closely resembling your thinking. It’s not a 100% thing, but a general type of idea that is most certainly true. It bothers me when people act like all you are is the way you think, when clearly there’s a bit more like all the EXTERNAL things which are truly out of your control. But the main point is that the terms you think in control most of your life, success, relationships, money, confidence, whatever…

If I always think I’m stupid, I can find endless situations where that will be proven true. If I commit to success and effectiveness in everyday life, these opportunities will become more real as my mind is adjusted to that wavelength… Everyone knows that the outside is an expression of the inside… This is where the Law of Attraction comes from. Listen, it isn’t some New Age black magic. The person I know who first talked about it was Napolean Hill in his book Think and Grow Rich. Yeah, a lot of freaking millionaires use this type of attitude and orientation to create abundance in their lives.

Skepticism can block you from realizing serious potential… Another way of thinking about it is that you become what you think you are. I’m not going to sit here and ramble all day, but I want to let anyone know that this type of thing can be a wonderful tool to turn your life around. But it is not as simple as wishing really hard that you want success. Rather, it is a commitment and an profound shift in attitude which eventually begins producing amazing results in your life, once you truly believe internally that you are a magnet pulling your desires closer, and that you are whatever you create for yourself.

Confidence of course plays a key role, because if you don’t think you can succeed you won’t be able to because you won’t put forth a worthwhile attempt. Just realize that there is something inside you that is more You than your typical thinking patterns. There is something deeper, more natural, more connected to your ancestors, more magical than what you usually do from 9-5. Tap into that inner mind, the third eye, whatever, and your life will shape shift. It is difficult of course when you’ve spent 30+ years acting and thinking one way, then you want to change yourself altogether. This is where self-hypnosis (or hypnotherapy) can help people start accepting ideas as reality over time so that they are able to reap the benefit from that type of thinking.

Just remember how subjective reality truly is, and then realize that third eye inside you is an engineer and an artist who’s willing and able to paint a wildly successful and attractive aura around you, and attract anything and everything you need and want. This isn’t just jibberjabber, although many of you may see it that way. I write this then for the 5% of you who may wonder about this type of thing, but haven’t actually gotten your feet wet. Here’s my recommendation to you: watch your thinking over the next several days, and keep notes of any negative ideas you have. This includes any negative attitudes about yourself and others, be it limiting statements or just useless negativity. Keep your notes private and eventually trash them, but really absorb this information you collect for several days so that you can see what type of thinking is holding you away from being an effective likeable person.

The idea behind the Law of Attraction is just the raw power that thought really has. Remember guys, no great invention or intiative existed in the physical world without first living inside someone’s mind in the form of thoughts. Thoughts are very powerful and when you start paying attention to your thoughts (wow your mind can pay attention to itself; this is the third eye I’m talking about), you can see how making adjustments is more than worthwhile. Now when you change your thinking, your world will change and that’s a simple fact. Contarily, if you think about perverted crap all the time, what do you think you will become? What do you think you will attract to your life? The idea is to step up and take responsibility for what your impact is on the world. I encourage you to go ahead and do that now. ;-)


I don’t have any real insights into this topic, other than to add that I believe that there is a legitimate potential for some functionality deriving from raw thought, despite the fact that the scientist in me realizes that without a working hypothesis, it’s hard to even come up with a theory to explain it.

I would use as an example, gravitation. Now, gravity is something we observe empirically, all the time, so it’s not like the power of thought in that regard. But, we didn’t have a theory or even a hypothesis for gravitational attraction until relativity and we could use tensor maths to find solutions to the curvature of spacetime, but we could measure the force and even Newton was able to deduce that it was related to mass and distance.

So, I view the exploration into the power of the mind as being in it’s infant stage, somewhere in the “pre-Newtonian” era. We have some pretty good ideas that something is going on with thought (action at a distance). IF we someday learn enough about how this happens to describe it under relativistic terms, that’s great. I’m a physics hound, though, and my belief is that stuff like this will only be resolved under quantum theory.

The power of thought sounds pretty loopy to most people until you have learned about the *really* bizarre things in the quantum world. And there is no doubt that a lot of charlatans and hucksters have exploited the uncertain yet tantalizing promise of it for personal or nefarious purposes, thus poisoning the idea for a lot of people.

I think, despite the somewhat pejorative reputation that things like visualization, NLP, hypnosis and LOA have, that it would be kinda neat to collate threads like this into some new category of non-physical PE methodologies.

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I have read that good thoughts create good molecules - deepak chopra

And if you hear anything about the millionaires state of mind it is pretty much all self belief and affirmation, pretty much “fake it until you make it”

A friend of mine that jelqs as well would walk around like he had a 10inch d*ck.. Telling everyone theres was small and acting like he was huge. I asked why he was doing this and he said he was programming his mind to believe he actually had a bigger penis. Like actors actually put themselves into the character before a movie and feel/react/speak like that character. A part of that character stays with them forever (which is why I think a lot of actors have some self knowledge issues)

I also prefer to jelq with no tv or porn, looking in the mirror (like a bodybuilder) and imagining my penis being big. Or when I watch porn I prefer point of view porn and just imagine being as big as the guy in there. My attitude as well is like my friend, I walk around with the confidence of having a bigger piece than every other guy in the room.

I love the bathmate cause when it’s fully pumped, the water magnifies my penis making it look twice as big. It’s exactly how I want my end result to look and it’s good for visualization.

What it boils down to is this - whether you think you can or you think you can’t, you’re right.

:chicken: My chicken is on the path of becoming a big cock! :rooster:

Eso mismo amigo Chicken!.


Originally Posted by 8inchM
Eso mismo amigo Chicken!.


‘That same friend’? Or does that translate to something like “I agree” ?


I agree with Fantom.the minds workings are in it’s infancy, but there are some really interesting studies on visualization and mind power, it’s has a very promising future.

Originally Posted by PlentyofStretch

I agree with Fantom.the minds workings are in it’s infancy, but there are some really interesting studies on visualization and mind power, it’s has a very promising future.

Punctuation and capitals. Thanks in advance.

regards, mgus

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Originally Posted by mgus

Punctuation and capitals. Thanks in advance.

Complete sentences please! J/K.


Originally Posted by johnjayk247
I love the bathmate cause when it’s fully pumped, the water magnifies my penis making it look twice as big. It’s exactly how I want my end result to look and it’s good for visualization.

Soon my friend, its going to be more than just visualization but reality. Anyhow, since this topic is about Jelqing, I have read here and on other places that combining the Bathmate and Jelqing and various other methods works pretty good.

Now since I have a budget to create lots of videos this summer, I was thinking about putting one or two together and make them publicly available.

Trouble is; even though I read this stuff, I am a bit scared to try it. Anyone a real expert in these matters that could help me put together a script?

— Agust

Originally Posted by Bathmate

Trouble is; even though I read this stuff, I am a bit scared to try it.

Are you talking about manual PE (jelqing, stretching)?

Some users combine Bathmate with their manual PE (jelqing, stretching) and it would be more than interesting to make a decent video about how to do it. I love shooting Bathmate videos as you might have seen, with ThunderSS permission, I can post a link to a private Instructional video for the Bathmate to show you what kind of quality video we try to make.


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