The Journey Begins: Kegels to the rescue

Guys, today during jelqing, I stopped to work up an erection and hit the point of no return. Damn I thought, if I blow my load now, this will mean the end of the PE session. In desperation did a kegel and held it. To my surprise, no orgasm. AMAZING. Read on this site that kegels would give you control but had no idea how effective this really way. Kudos to thundersplace again.

That little experience gave me the encouragement to break the silence.

I have been lurking around on this forum for about a month.

Reading and assimilating as much information as possible.

Had several interests. Going through a divorce at the moment and wanted to “step up” my game in the sex department.

#1: Had a slight curve to the left that starts about midway up the shaft. Caused from right hand masturbation as a teenager I think. Switched to left hand (and a wife, lol) years ago. Now I try to masturbate from the tip near the glans to reduce any deformation of the shaft.

#2: Erection quality and staying power had diminished. Started a bit before the divorce and only got worse when the psychological trauma of losing your mate set in. I’m 30, so maybe age is a factor as well. As a result I was looking for help, meds, herbs, exercises, anything to get me back to a hard “hard on”.

Currently measure 6” to 6.1” (depending on the ruler, lol)

From what I’ve gathered on this site thus far that length is “acceptable” for most women. As a result, my length goal is going to remain modest at 6.5”

Haven’t paid attention nor measured girth. Will do once I get the proper measuring tool.

What I’ve done since joining the site:

Started the newbie routine
Ordered some liquid C from kitsmore.
Bought some GNC Staminol (yes I know buying the herbs separate would be cheaper but I was looking for a one stop shop)

Barely started my PE activities and already got hit with the “your dick got bigger!” exclamation from a “sex buddy”. She has no clue I’m doing this btw. It’s her imagination as measurements don’t show any real gain so I think it is just the universe’s way of giving me encouragement. Lol

While I’m in a talking mood, here are some questions:

1) I’ve found that my pubic hair is distracting the jelq process. Pulling on them during a jelq gives an uncomfortable sensation that makes me lose my erection fast. Thinking naughty thoughts and watching hot pix helps but still I’ve found the need to stop and masturbate my way back to something respectable (an 80 - 90% erection) before continuing the jelqs. I’m thinking to shave the pubes as a fix. Or is this normal?

2) That bloody rice sock nearly burnt off my dick! Lol. One part of the site says heat in microwave for 2 minutes. Another part says 30 seconds or so. (I read the first bit and found the second later). I think that 2 minutes advisory needs to be nerfed! 30 - 45 seconds is much more manageable.

3) About my curve: While it does not pain me, I’ve always felt it caused my wife discomfort by applying uneven pressure to her vaginal wall. Causing soreness after a prolonged session. We discovered KY some years ago and this mitigated the problem somewhat but it still existed. Also, she would experience a build up of air in her vagina during sex, especially during doggy style. We would have to stop for her to expel it. Not a very sexy mid-sex act. Think this is also attributed to the curve? Is this all in my head? Or do other members experience this?

Thanks again for hosting this great site and looking forward to this journey.