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The Issue of Privacy

The Issue of Privacy

I’ve been at this for about a year with week long and month long breaks in between. I haven’t gotten much in the way of measurable progress but I have learned a lot about supplements and general strategies for sexual health. Good stuff. However, I have found that the biggest impairment in my progress has been my relative lack of consistency which is directly correlated to my lack of privacy. There is simply no way to do this stuff discreetly; it’s time consuming and the auditory emanations it produces with all that lubricant are questionable at best. Both my situations, in college and at home have, landed my in buildings with walls that are paper thin. Thus, hogging the bathroom for an hour producing an awkward fapping sound does not go over well in my dorm and my late night escapes into the bathroom are being noticed by my parents.

So my question, gentlemen: Whats the best way to go about this stuff whilst being discreet? I have a few strategies mostly revolving around scheduling but it would be nice to limit the time and noise overall.


I’m not quite sure why there should be so much noise when doing the exercises. Jelqing can surely be done quietly sittiing on the floor if necessary- if the bed springs give musical accompianment.

And the jelqs can be done at a rate of 2-3 seconds at least. - Not at masturbating rate.

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I am in the same predicament. I have a feeling after one of my exercises, one of my room mates will ask me what the heck I do in the bathroom. I take a shower to warm up. Then I jelq afterwords when I’m out of the shower. It’s funny, just 10-20 minutes of silence after I shower. I’m sure they wonder what I’m doing. I think if they ever ask, I’ll tell them the truth. “I’m doing penis enlargement exercises.”

Not much of an expert here, but you could change your warmup tool (the shower) to (for example) a IR-lamp or something?

Hope it helps!

Originally Posted by gumsrevenge
I’m sure they wonder what I’m doing. I think if they ever ask, I’ll tell them the truth. “I’m doing penis enlargement exercises.”

Just tell them you are jerking off and laugh.

— think about it:

1) all guys jerk off, so they will not be surprised
2) if you say “penis enlargement” they will probably ridicule you and tell all the girls they know

Might sound stupid, but maybe you could put a radio in the bathroom and turn it on when you’re busy PE’ing?

If there’s a bathtub in there it’ll be even better, just say you were chilling in the bathtub for a while.

Why not warm up in the shower, rush to your bedroom and do your routine there?

My biggest problem with privacy was the warm up, so I bought a cheap IR lamp. I say goodnight to everyone then I go warm up with the lamp, and stretch and jelq in my room. The only thing is I have to go to the bathroom to wash lube off my hands, though you can just say you need the toilet.

I thought that I being too loud, but I think it was just the fact that I was concentrating on what I was doing, but now I just put on some music quietly- it masks any noises nicely.

Learn to dry jelq. You can even do it while lying in bed under the covers - morning or night. Have a TV in your bedroom? Turn it on and lie in bed.

Weird — so you guys are saying that lubed up wet jelqs make a lot of noise? That your roomates can hear in the next room?

I guess I don’t notice any noise when I wet jelq.

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