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The infamous 8x6 penis


P.S. I love BJ’s so I might chill at 5.4 ish EG.

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The search NO longer continues. :)

Originally Posted by OS_q
I’m the only one that will be happy with 6.5-7 NBPEL and 5.5 EG? (7 x 5.5)

Nope. That’s my goal.. (Start size 6 NBPEL by 5.3 EG)

It’s been said before that the female involved is important in how we perceive our size in sex. My partner can sometimes feel me hitting her cervix and doesn’t particularly like it. Yet all I’ve ever tried to do is gain girth and have gained .75 inches in length for my efforts. I’m happy to be 7.25”NBP but would rather have got that gain in EG (now at 5” from 4.5”). So for those of us in long term relationships we have to take that into account. I’ll just be hitting cervix more if I keep getting longer. However, it does seem that going from behind although deeper seems to avoid cervix hitting.

I will admit that psychologically I am happy to be over 7”. It just sounds good when you run it around your head (the figure, not the penis) but how things look is part of the turn on so you want proportions that look good. I’ll be happy with a lot more girth and yes, I’ll also be happy if I get to 7.5” NBP EL but more for the number as it looks plenty long enough. I think once we’re into the realms of 7.5 and over and 5.5 and over we’re into personal situations..

But BTW Viva Thundersplace for all this!

Originally Posted by Norsey
Nope. That’s my goal.. (Start size 6 NBPEL by 5.3 EG)

No, I would also be happy with 7 NBPEL.

I will be happy with whatever I get. I am pretty shocked I got this far, and I appreciate every 16th of an inch of my length gains.

7.5” NBEL does sound pretty good. If 8 NBEL were to happen, so be it. As to girth, that seems tough to get. I would like 5 to 5.5 midshaft. A little more is ok too. But like spaghetti dick, I would hate for oral to be out of the question. (but I think I said that already).


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