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The importance of stretching

The importance of stretching

My size is currently 7” Length and 5” girth, I’m quite satisfied with my length and mostly want to focus on girth, my routine is something like:
5min warmup
200+ 90% erect jelq (I’m not new to PE only new to this board)
6+ 440 Squeezes

I don’t do any stretch exercises cause I’m not really looking for length right now.

I get a good temporary girth gain right after the workout, but it almost completely disappears by the next day, so my question is, am I not gaining good enough because of my lack of stretching? Remember, I’m not looking for length gains primarily girth

Currently I am in the same boat. I am at 7” also but I just measured my girth last night and it is 4.5”. About the only thing I can get out of the conversations about this is that I should get a pump. I will be reading along with you on the responses to your question.

I would think that light streching might be good during the warm up. I do not see any relation between streching and girth other than possible base girth is sometimes increased by streching or hanging.

There are a number of big dudes here that say they got their girth gains by clamping. Try a search for clamping and see what comes up.

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I think stretching will only help you. If you stretch a balloon before you blow it up, it’s easier to blow up!

Originally Posted by haha
I think stretching will only help you. If you stretch a balloon before you blow it up, it’s easier to blow up!

Maybe so, but if I stretch it out it will probably take longer to gain any girth as length gains would be a priority, right?

I find that my girth expands more if I stretch first. I would try it a few times and see if you notice any difference in girth during and just after your workout.

I would have to agree with ‘haha’ on that one! Stretching does not have to be primarily the ligaments…try stretching upwards, or around something (like a broom stick handle —> stretch around it on both sides, then stretch upwards with the broom stick on the top of your penis and then the same thing going downards. An easy way to do this is lat it across your lap).

All this really does that I have noticed, is helps to stretch out the tunica of the penis, and thusly would allow for greater girth expansion! Try it along with ‘haha’s’ suggestion!

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