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The importance of EQ

The EQ Theory

I had the most amazing sex with the girlfriend last night made her cum twice and really get seriously wet. Afterwards I remained rock solid for a good 5 minutes I was looking down at him (the old cock) as was my girlfriend, when out of the blue she remarked “has he grown, I’m sure he’s grown’ Obviously my face lit up with glee. I’m only on my second week of PE and can’t say I have visually noticed an increase in size (that would be unrealistic anyway) but I’m certain my EQ, which was already good already, is now unbelievable. Like 10+.

This brings me on to the topic of EQ. In my opinion even if I don’t gain from PE if it improves my EQ thats good enough for me. The more I think about it the more I conclude that EQ is so perhaps more important than size. Let me elaborate. I’m give or take 6 inch and relatively thin girth but tend to get some pretty rock hard erections. As I pull in and out my rock hard shaft can hit the wall of my girlfriends vagina in all the right places. Fair enough I can’t get as deep as some or stretch the entrance. But I like to think that I could give better stimulation than an 8x6 that has an EQ of 7, for example. This would simply slide in and out and probably stroke the same elements of the vagina the same on each stroke. Unlike my little pocket rocket which can hit left right up and down depending on my thrust. She always whispers to me, I love it when your hard. Don’t get me wrong I’m not stating smaller is better than bigger (no way) but I think EQ is more, or at least as important as size.

So for all the average guys out there worrying about some monster pounding your girl. Just consider working on maintaining a solid erection and take these points in to consideration. I think my incredible EQ could not only be from the exercises but also from the psychology that I could soon be bigger. Almost, a what the hell I’ll soon be above average attitude. If that makes sense.

N.B. Just a final note. I recently (3months ago) had key hole surgery for a varicocele (bag of worms in my left bollock). I’ve noticed the last two sessions I’ve had a slight discomfort where I did before having surgery (kind of lower abs). Nothing dramatic, but I’m a bit weary. I’ll consequently now research varicocele advice on Thunders, but any advice from readers of this thread would be appreciated.

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That’s really good! You’ve given guys like me who haven’t got big girth some confidence :D

Sorry for the super late bump, but I had to point this out:

I think you’re completely right. Even after breaking up with my girlfriend in a completely horrible, violent (her part) and public way, and after she proceeded to bang a bunch of guys, and tell me all about the longer and thicker ones she had, she still made thinly veiled suggestions about how great I was.

I think it’s largely because of the occasional, but not often, ridiculous erections I would get that would allow me to go more than a few rounds. Girth, and EQ seem to be the most important things.

On the other hand, I met a really short guy today, that was probably 8 long, and definitely 7 around that was as hard as bone. Insane. I can’t imagine how a woman could sustain that sort of impact.

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