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The Hot wrap

The Hot wrap

Hi I wanted to ask some questions about the hot wrap:

1. What could be it consequences on the Scrotum if heated up as well ?

2. Why is it applied ( in the newb routine ) before the stretching ? Shouldn’t it be before jelqing instead ? ( I do them both, but I wanted to know the logic behind using it before stretching )

Thank you guys for responding to these very clear questions that’s been in my mind for a while now.

1. Reduced sperm production I believe, if over an extended period of time or regularly.

2. You want your penis to be more elastic for the stretching as well, to permit a maximal stretch.

1. May reduce sperm count if you’re taking hot baths, other wise not much of a problem.

2. You will need frequent warmups to keep from getting red spots and increase healing. Even on off days 2-3 frequent warmups and 10-20 wet jelqs a day will help with recovrey.

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