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The honest truth about extenders please


The honest truth about extenders please

Extenders seem to be getting a better name in the pe world. Why is it that so many people still don’t have success using them so many hours and days etc but don’t gain anything, and yet there are people who do gain and gain very nicely in a good amount of time. Question so do they work or not.I read post on here saying extender work and there great but then again I read some post saying don’t waste your money or time. So is the success rate from the amount of people that used extenders good or bad. If that do work, how many hours do I use it until I can start to see gain which one has the best success rate for a good price. Anybody who is and has worn a extender please tell me what the truth is the honest truth.

Ps don’t think anybody has nothing to lie for, well I hope not, been ripoff before, won’t happen again.

Like anything else in PE, they seem to work great for some people and not for others.

^ yup. I had great success with mine. I posted, rather matter of factly on here, that extenders were the best way to get length. And then I was mocked by people who had better success with hanging. But the truth is, no one thing will produce the same results for every user.

They do work!

I think the problems are:

1.Most people quit using them after some weeks because they measure everyday and give up all hope if their penis has not grown 1cm in a month. So the rush to see gains is a big problem.

2.All the extenders, except for the Vacuum ones, use a bad method to fix the penis onto the extender. Their noose attachments cut off blood circulation which results in pain and a numb glans.

Thats why many people abandon their extender and say/ think it is bullshit and does not work.

My 2 cents

may 2009: 17cm BPEL......july 2009: 18cm goal: 19cm BPEL.....

Olafspos VacADS review and VacADS progress thread

All I used was a home-made extender and I got an inch in about 8 months or so.

The attachment point of mine was a clamp-type that fixed below the head and I only used it for half hour at a time., once a day.

Began December 2009 at 5 7/8" length and 5" girth.

As of December 5th 2012 7 3/8" BPEL and 6 1/8" base girth.

Going for the magic 8"x6"

I gained 1/2” while using mine in about 3 months and nothing since.

Started: BPEL 6.75" MSEG 4.75", Now: BPEL 7.75" MSEG 5.438", Goal: BPEL 8" MSEG 6"

I gained zero in 12 weeks last year at this time. And zero in 10.5 weeks (in the last 10.5 weeks of using it)-I gave it another try. I have increased the extender 1.5 inches since the beginning of the 10.5 weeks, yet no corresponding results.

Most do not know the best times to put them on and when to increase the tension.

Started: NBPEL 5.5 == EG: 5

Current: NBPEL 7.5 == EG: 6

Goal: NBPEL 8 == EG: 6

They work well buyout need one that has a powerful spring

May 2010 el 6.5 eg 5.9

Jan 2011 el 7.2 eg 6 GOAL:JUN 2011 8x6.5 LONG TERM GOAL:9X7.5

April 2012 el 7.5 eg 6 going to be huge ;) wish I had before and after pics.. Newbies do it for your own sake!

I bought the andropenis. I would have liked to use it because I think there’s more research-type evidence that they work but they are very impractical. My dick could not handle wearing it for very long and I clamped by dick one time when I got a semi (the circumference at base is significantly less than 6”). I got scared shitless and my wife was laughing her head off. I told her that I bought it to straighten my unit out not to grow it. I think she would really be annoyed with me if she thought I bought it because I wanted to get it to a bigger size.

Starting Size: April, 28, 2010: NBPEL-7" Girth-6" (base, MSG, glans)

Currently: BPEL-8" NBPEL-7.25" Girth-6.25" (base)/6.125" (MSG)/6.125" (glans)

I have been using one for 8 months. My bp stretched length in the extender is up close to 1.5”, but my BPEL is up just under 1/2”. I have also pumped and stretched for 14 months, bur saw no length gains until 6 months into extending.

I think a lot of people over anticipate increasing the length of the extender rods which places the straps/noose too close to the glans and results in a lot of discomfort. I recently reduced the extender rod length and achieved a more comfortable strap in position which allows me to unscrew the rods (increase the pull) during a session and end up with the same total length at the end of the session without much discomfort.

I have a x4 labs comfort strap and endpiece with a vimax base/springs.

According to vimax the springs are at 1200g + of tensions when the extender is used 4cm longer than the length of the penis. My nbp is 6.75/7.00 depending on how I measure it.

The extender length currently is 8.5 inches long. That should be every bit of the 1200g + of tension.

Although I have yet to see any gains nbp, I am going to wear it just a little longer, to see if I have been getting bpel gains, but not noticing-since I wasn’t measuring for bpel gains originally.

Originally Posted by the tiger
I gained zero in 12 weeks last year at this time. And zero in 10.5 weeks (in the last 10.5 weeks of using it)-I gave it another try. I have increased the extender 1.5 inches since the beginning of the 10.5 weeks, yet no corresponding results.

Do you think it’s something you’re doing wrong or it’s just not worth it, or do you think you just need to give it a little more time and believe that gains will come if you wait long enough. I guess what am asking what is your whole mindset about this. Ready to give or wait the test of time.

dtwarren1942 could you be more specific about how far behind the glans one should be when using an extender? I ask because I hated mine so much since it would either constantly slip off or be so tight that my penis head would go numb. Maybe I was just using it wrong?

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A comfort-strap or a noose kind, Nowhere?

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