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The golden rule.

The golden rule.

I have decided to come out of hiding seeing so many people with fancy and rigorous routines.

You need to realize this is not muscular training, these are ligaments and veins. Your muscles are much more capable of healing post-injury and gaining mass from workouts than your penis. Muscles were ‘designed’ to change with our body to meet our needs. Penis’ weren’t.

So I leave you with the answer that you should all need:
Less is more — no I am not making a sexual joke — the next time you grab your Vaseline and begin to jelq, realize that a consistent routine at a lower resistance, or slower speed, will effectively produce more feedback from your penis than throwing a 45lb dead-weight on it and expecting your veins and ligs to automatically bless you with 3 inches.

This is about patience!

That is all,

- Cajual

Amen to that.



You are on the right path.


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Yeah man, I learned the hard way that overzealous PE’ing just leads to an unsatisfyingly turtled dick and minimal gains.


Looking for that magic 6" of EL...

Progress Report

But its so dam hard to not over train when its so gratifying to be pulling and playing with your package for hours on end :) :) :) :)

I find that when I have a day with nothing to do I’ll end up doing that ^

100th post biznatches!

encouragement…not destruction!


I agree with you.

Jan 2006 > 5.9" EL; 6.4" BPEL; EG 4.9"

Feb 2006> 6.0" EL; 6.6" BPEL; EG 5.0"

Mar 2006> 6.4" EL; 7.1" BPEL; EG 5.1"


I’m in agreement as well. I believe that a lot of us fall into thinking that this is a bodybuilding concept. There are similar training/response concepts between the two; however, we have to be sensitive to the fact that we are not dealing with muscles.

And yes patience is key.



Too bad most people do not follow this advice. Sometimes common sense eludes people.


Observe... learn from other people's mistakes.

A 45pound weight that’s scary!

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