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The frequency of big dicks does seem really high to me


For what it is worth, Durex was self-reporting:

“Durex conducted an Internet survey and received responses from 2,936 men in seventeen countries. There was no effort to verify the data. Thus, this study suffered not only from the natural tendency to exaggerate in Dr. Kinsey’s study** but also from a self-selection problem: poorly endowed men were certainly far less likely to be reporting penis size over the Internet than well-endowed men.”

Originally Posted by thecrow19

Also Invisible, what about my question on the difference between the sizes among a sample of 6 men. Say on average you get 1 out of 6 equal to or greater then 6.7” and 1 out of 6 equal to or less then 5”, then wouldn’t the difference between the biggest cock and smallest cock among 6 randomly selected men be on average about 1.7”. That seems crazy to me. I thought the erection was supposed to be the great equalizer? Am I missing something?

Yes, you are missing something. You are not factoring in the probability of simultaneously getting a guy less than or equal to 5” and a guy greater than or equal to 6.7” in a randomly chosen group of 6 men. The odds of this happening are about 42%. In all other cases, the difference between the maximum and minimum will be less than 1.7”.


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