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The Ex noticed


The Ex noticed

I’ve been around PEing for a few years now being very inconsistent with my routines without really seeing any noticeable results. After me and my girlfriend split up about five months ago I decided to really try again and really put in the effort. I started in December at about 5.5 BPEL and 4.5 EG. I now measure 6.2 BPEL and 5.3 EG by only clamping and stretching. I don’t actually use clamps I simply use my fingers to clamp the base of my penis and hold as hard as I can while constantly doing kegels. It got very tiring at first but my hands are used to it now. I feel like I can get a better grip and more control than actual clamps would give and the results have been great. As for stretching I’ve really increased the intensity and I feel that is where my gains are coming from. I sit on the edge of my chair and push down with both hands as hard as I can without pain for up to ten minutes at a time.

Back to the good part though.My Ex and I got together to catch up and after a long talk we ended up back in the bedroom. I personally didn’t notice much of the gains besides my flaccid size is always fuller but as soon as she saw my unit I could tell she noticed. It was by far the best sex we have had and afterward she said I feel much bigger and asked if my penis grew. I acted like I had no idea what she was talking about and all I wanted to do was sign on and thank all of you here at Thunder’s. So thanks everyone and I’m sure I will stay with it and stay consistent and I can’t wait to see where my PE brings me in the future.


Nice one, congrats!

My penis didn't grow. You just forgot how awesome I am!

I'm a big fan of 50 Cent, or as we call him in Zimbabwe, four hundred million dollars.

Great story. Congratulations on the gains.

4Foreskin ;)


Nice! Keep at it. :)

“Maybe your vagina shrunk?” ;)

Congrats man.

Started: BPEL 6.0 - MSEG 4.375 (2-26-10)

Current: BPEL 6.6 - MSEG 4.8

Ultimate Goal: BPEL 7.5 - MSEG 5.5 ~ The only thing more stubborn than my Penis, is me

That’s awesome man! Keep at it and you can be huge someday. Consistency is the key!

Congrats man! That’s what it’s all about!

Awesome. So you started in December of 09? You have gained 0.7 inches in length and 0.8 inches in girth in around 4 months?

Starting stats: Feb 08: [7.3 BPEL * 4.9? EG]----Now: [8.00 BPEL * 5.1-5.2 EG]------GOAL: [8 NBPEL * 6 EG]

Perception is reality.

Awesome that she noticed!

Originally Posted by Clubber

Awesome. So you started in December of 09? You have gained 0.7 inches in length and 0.8 inches in girth in around 4 months?

Yes I started in the beginning of December. I gained more in those five months than I did over the past few years of going on and off. I started gaining length when I really increased the pressure in my stretches and I have been taking more time for my warm up which I think really helps as well.

Oh man I am loving this story, congrats on the gains. There is nothing better when you have been dedicating time to PE and you get with a past lover and she notices a difference. I am betting you are hooked into PE even more now because of this.

Thanks for the motivation!

PE Goal: 7.5" NBP x 5.8" MSG

Originally Posted by Clubber
Awesome. So you started in December of 09? You have gained 0.7 inches in length and 0.8 inches in girth in around 4 months?

Yeah man!! I’m at almost the exact same story… and my wife has *definitely* noticed and eventually forced the issue and is now totally on board with the program. :)

Starting size: 6.0" BPEL, 5.0" MSEG, 6.75" BPFSL(11/2009)

Current size: 7.125" BPEL, 5.9" MSEG, 6.1" BG, (12/15/2010) (Pic Thread)

Goal: 7.25" BPEL, 6.25'' MSEG



Starting: (15X11.2 cm)(EV:9.13ci) Current: (17.5 X 11.9cm)(EV:12.07ci) Future: LONG AND THICK

Short term goal: (18.1X12.2cm)(EV:13.08ci) Long term goal: 22X16 cm EV: 26.31ci

All measurements are BPEL and Average girth (top shaft erect, mid shaft erect, and base erect) Journey Began on 1-20-10 Target date: 8-30-13

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