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The easy way out: PMMA

The easy way out: PMMA

Hey guys, it’s been awhile!

I just welcomed home my new beautiful baby girl and 4th child, I thank God mom and baby are doing well. I’m very happy about that.

I still occasionally feel down in the dumps when it comes to sex with my fiancee (some of you might remember why … her ex, by her account was a Monster), its been over 5 weeks since we messed around (except for the quickie that induced her into labor lol! seriously a few thrusts and we were on our way to the hospital and had my kid in the triage!) so now I’m looking at about 5-6 weeks of no sex again, perfect time to do something drastic!

I’ve been researching PMMA and more closely a particular Dr. just on the other side of the border (please don’t mention his name anywhere in this thread, I’m not looking to promote or defame), I’m thinking I can do it secretly and not have my fiancee notice anything … what do you guys think? two sessions and I can be sporting a 7” girth easy!

My top concerns:

Asymmetry, lumpiness, impotence (never a single case I was told), long term effects and hardness when flaccid.

On top of that I’m not circumcised, I’m afraid of the stuff “floating” around.

any thoughts? I found a lot on that ‘phallo board’ site but something tells me there might be a few paid actors for the stuff over there (great site over all but its not Thundersplace!) besides the Dr.s office directed me to that site so naturally I’ll post elsewhere

The last time I saw PMMA it was on a sheet of Plexiglas.

What’s PMMA outside of plexi and (apparently) XTC?

It may not be PMMA … its just what most people refer to it as, like kleenex, Sawzall or Xerox, I think the actual stuff is “Metacril” or “new plastic” … so long as there’s no “bovine carrier solution”, its 100% sterile and lots tiny micro-spheres I’m in…. Maybe.

It’s most definitely PMMA, yes, the stuff used in Plexiglas. Just more refined for medical uses.

I haven’t posted in ages but this hits close to home, I’ve done it mate. and I’m still trying to get it sorted out after three session and 6k spent. It looks good on paper but it’s a real risk. Some people look like they have had good results in photos but I am not one of those people. My penis will never look normal again and I wish I had stuck with manual PE for a natural unit. I have some unevenness and hard ridges around my circ scar. I have been outed by three girls asking if I had something done. But I guess there is no perfect procedure out there that is completely undetectable. In hindsight, I wouldn’t of done it. Now I can’t get it removed unless I do a seriously invasive procedure possibly causing loss of sensitivity, shrinkage from my original size, and other serious risk such as necrosis.

On a positive note I did get great gains that are apparent and helped my sex life in some situations. But all in all I’m not sure it’s worth because I stress out about the future since there is no telling what will happen years down the road. Some complications show up 5-10 years down the road. I say if you are average or close to it, there is no need to risk PMMA when manual PE can give you some girth gains with hard work and dedication. If you are seriously below average(below 4.5in) and it is interfering with your everyday life and causing you depression, I say research the hell out of it and possibly move forward if you’re willing to take the risk.

Let me know if you have any more questions

“My top concerns:

Asymmetry, lumpiness, impotence (never a single case I was told), long term effects and hardness when flaccid.

On top of that I’m not circumcised, I’m afraid of the stuff “floating” around.

You will end up unhappy possibly. Plus uncircumcised have higher rates of all your concerns except impotence. When flaccid it’s more rubbery than hard

Sorry to hear that, Jimmyslimunit.

Thanks Marinera. I should have known better especially after being a member of this forum for so long. I got lazy with PE and thought this shortcut was the ultimate answer. Of course there are no shortcuts and now my penis will never look or feel natural again.

When I read “I’m thinking I can do it secretly and not have my fiancee notice anything … what do you guys think? two sessions and I can be sporting a 7” girth easy!” I cringe a little. It’s not that simple mate. First off 7 inch girth is just ridiculous. Second, 2 procedures will not get you there unless you are already have 6 inch girth. And if that’s the case you should see a psychiatrist. Your wife will surely noticed. I was dating a girl when I had my first procedure and I waited one month to have sex with her and she noticed right away and broke up with me two weeks later. She didn’t say exactly why but I think it’s because I displayed insecurity with my perfectly fine penis and put plastic in it for my own greedy reasons. She thought I was mental mate. Anyways if you do go forward make sure you are prepared for the worst just in case.

Thanks Jimmy slim!

You aren’t the first person to suggest I see a therapist, mostly on a count I have 9” x 6 1/8 +-” (I’m currently 60lbs overweight so right now Im bpel 8.5”) and I’m hung up on PE for the first time ever

For me it comes down to feeling inadequate with the ONE person it matters most with, my fiancee dated a guy for 3 years with (apparently from what I gather) a cock thicker than her wrist (7”?) and at least 10” … I dunno if you guys can feel my pain, but its not something I’ve gotten over 3+ years and two kids later! :(

I don’t know if I’ll do 3 sessions, you obviously didn’t regret it after the first two … was it going for the third that did it for you?

also, I dont know if my girl will notice because “A” she just had a kid and “B” because Ive pumped near 7” after the priapus shot and she didn’t bat much of an eye :|

I’m just hoping it feels natural on both sides (hers and mine)

But I definitely worry about the results … especially in the long term, I once thought of it as a breast implant procedure … but Its NOT AT ALL like that because it becomes vascularized and literally fused within your cock which is a bad thing if something goes wrong. I don’t know if there’s such a thing as a little PMMA because once the risk is there you might as well go another round and get real girth, but I’ll start with the smallest amount and work up if it isn’t too much risk and pain.

question: why is there a gap between the PMMA and the glans? I’ve seen guys with normal glans, a bit of normal shaft (about 1/4”) then PMMA girth atleast 1” bigger than everything else.

Also Jimmyslimunit if you dont mind a few more questions?:

Can you pump after PMMA? (not that you’d need to)
Can you hang?
Can you bend your flaccid penis in half 180 degrees or is it too hard? maybe too thick?
Does the procedure hurt? infection? how long before sex?

… and finally how much did you gain each time? Thanks I’ll be eternally grateful for your time/answers!

My friend. I think your wife lied to you about her previous one lover. Just so she could assert some form of power over you. Please stop doing these crazy procedures to your penis. You do not need them. You need to find peace within yourself not confirmation from your wife that you are “huge”. Not sure how many guys here can say that you are, because our numbers keep growing. I’ll just add myself for good count, if you are 9x6”

Please dude, please leave your penis alone from these operations.

I had three procedures because I was trying to fix the previous one not because I wanted to or was happy with the results. I gave up after 3 and just excepted that my penis will never look natural. I didn’t want to pump any more plastic beads into more penis. Some doctors believe that the more product inside increases the risk of complications.

There is a gap between the glans because it’s impossible to get the product to stay in the area where the skin is too thin. I have it and it looks fake and ugly.

Can you pump after PMMA? (not that you’d need to) Not sure but I wouldn’t because I don’t want to irritate the area.
Can you hang? Yes people still hang once the collagen had formed.
Can you bend your flaccid penis in half 180 degrees or is it too hard? maybe too thick? Yes you can bend it but the penis does not feel natural anymore more like a rubber feeling.
Does the procedure hurt? infection? how long before sex? No it doesn’t hurt. Sometime there are sharp pains for a second or two. Infection is a risk but you take antibiotics so the risk is very low. The Dr. says 7 days but my penis was mangled at 7 days and very swollen. I waited one month.

… and finally how much did you gain each time? I gained about 1.2in overall with my first procedure gaining the most. Subsequent procedures were to correct the aesthetics and add a little more girth. It never came out as I wanted and the aesthetics are unnatural now but I am with a women that knows I did it and accepts it for what it is. If I was dating around and having sex with new women I would be very self conscience.

Hope this helps

But seriously man, if your penis is truly 9x6… I would see a therapist because you have a serious case of body dysmorphia. You girl could be trying to make you insecure because she knows you have a monster penis and doesn’t want you to feel to proud or cocky so she say she’s had bigger. Like the poster above said, it’s for control and leverage.

Thank you Jimmyslim unit.

My girl friend used to lie and tell me I was the biggest, but their was something in the way she said it that I didn’t believe, so I kept asking in different ways for the truth until reluctantly she told me the truth, since then its been me harping on details until she gave them to me … man it was a huge mistake! I thought I wanted to know but sometimes I wish I had never asked … then I realize why waste a wish on that when I could wish she never had a monster in the first place! neither wish has come true.

I know shes telling me the truth because shes never given me actual numbers, its more just answering yes or no to my questions, he was somewhere between thicker than her wrist and less than a can of coke and obviously longer than me without measuring so I guesstimate AT LEAST an inch or two longer, half an inch would’ve garnered “the same size as you …” answer, she actually hangs her head slightly when I’m grilling her and plus I know this woman shes not manipulative (I can be controlling a bit) shes sweet and tries to re assure me now that she realizes that I’m serious and was hurt over it. in the beginning she must have thought that since I was close it would be no big deal, but she didn’t take my ego into account.

as I explained before: you get used to your size its nothing new, but through the years you get certain reactions from your partners that you come to expect, then when someone you love has a different experience than say everyone else youve bedded then that new information strikes you (me) at the very core … I don’t know how many of you could just have shaken that information off without some kind of anguish. on top of that I see how much easier it is for her to take me than any other partner Ive ever had and so when we are in the moment my mind goes to the gutter sometimes and I act like a little bitch and make her “pay”, I get thrown off my game and I try to pound her or hurt her and then shes not enjoying it and I’m behaving like an ass … when we first dated and pretty much since I was always relaxed and not trying to pound her into anything because I felt she was feeling me and it was easy for us to enjoy each other, she notices when I get into one of my moods and things get ugly. I want to be relaxed again, and live in my head comfortably without the penis envy, I’m better but Its still had for me to let it go.

insecurewith9, remind me, who is this girl with now?

Why isn't she with the other guy?

Sounds like it’s your ego telling you you have to be the biggest she’s ever had, because you have one of the biggest dicks on the planet, and you’re trying to punish her for revealing—almost under duress—that you’re not.

My advice for you would be to concentrate on pleasing her, unless you want her gone (would it re-focus your insecurity to know that after dumping you, she was in a happy relationship with a guy with an average-sized penis?).

Before you get plastic beads injected into your penis that can’t be removed maybe she should see a doctor and look into vagina rejuvenation since she is the one with a gaping vagina, no offense. I mean if she doesn’t flinch with 6in girth which is bigger than 99% of the men in the world, maybe it’s not you but her. Some women have huge vaginas as Larry David puts it. There are less dangerous operations for women she can look into.

I think I would’ve had an easier time here if I just say I want a bigger cock, I get that PMMA is drastic so I’m really considering all the consequences, I am insecure, no doubt about it, but I’m not a guy with a six inch penis just being happy to have a 9 inch one … I was born with what I have, you might even say Ive taken it for granted but I feel inadequate for what I want out of my sex life. I know its me, and in my head … but really at the end of the day is their really anything wrong with wanting a bigger cock no matter how lucky you might seem already to others?

Some people might stop working if they hit the power ball jack pot, I wouldn’t hold it against someone if they kept a 40 hour weekday after such a winning …

Our relationship Is much better thankfully, we are blessed with 2 beautiful healthy kids (I’m blessed with 4 total) we get along great 95%, sex is still very good and as often as I want, but in my head I want more from my body and for whatever reason PE has not produced any gains whatsoever, but slight blisters and discoloration, plus It takes so much time away from my family each day.

I’m looking for a safe short cut. I hope PMMA is it for me, I’ll take your advice and your experience into account, but I would like to ask jimmyslimunit or anyone else whos gone through the procedure: do you enjoy sex MORE with the added girth?

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