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The easy way out: PMMA

My two cents and I’m out.

First, the problem is in your head, not in your pants. You know that. So work on the problem in your head before you think of doing anything to your dick. Where your dick is concerned, you just aren’t thinking properly. If you do something permanent to your penis while you’re thinking is off, you’re stuck with what you get.

Second, your penis affects your wife as much as it does you. If you do something to your dick to make yourself feel better, and exclude her from that choice, you’re liable to find that good sex turn into lousy sex, and it could be something she just can’t get into. Imagine your wife getting surgery to change her face without talking to you first. That would be crazy on her part, but you’re thinking of doing the same thing and hoping she doesn’t notice.

Your current size is irrelevant. Your feeling of being inadequate is the whole issue. Same as 99% of the men here. Very few of us every NEEDED PE, most of us have done it. Deal with your insecurity, and do some natural PE is that makes you feel better in the process. If you go the surgical route as you’re intending, you’ll most likely be unsatisfied with the results.

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Originally Posted by Jimmyslimunit

look into vagina rejuvenation since she is the one with a gaping vagina, no offense. I mean if she doesn’t flinch with 6in girth which is bigger than 99% of the men in the world, maybe it’s not you but her.

Yeah this. Get her twat rebuilt by a surgeon so she can feel something from your pee-pee.

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Get her to do kegels and do some research on the female orgasm. You don’t need any of this shit.

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Originally Posted by insecurewith9
I know its me, and in my head … but really at the end of the day is their really anything wrong with wanting a bigger cock no matter how lucky you might seem already to others?

Yes there is something wrong. Especially wrong because you don’t want to even put in the effort of constructive natural PE. You do not need a short cut.

Reading your posts it is clear to me that your woman has lied to you. She might not lie all the time, or want to lie. But about this other dick, she has definitely lied. You pushed and pried your way to receiving an answer. So she made up some shit about a random dick because it was what you wanted to hear.

Or he was being an as…., ehm, not well behave toward her.

Hey, did sex with her ex hurt her? does sex with you please her or hurt her?

I know shes not lying, I know her. this guy is/was huge. we both can/have hurt her during sex.

Her pussy is not the problem.

When I say I was being an “Ass” this is true, but its how I feel I’m behaving … to someone else that might be normal “guy” behavior, everything written seems to be taken to the extreme, I’m OPENING UP about my feelings so I guess it sounds dramatic, but we really are happy together.

I’m just looking for an extra inch in girth, I might never be his length but I can beat him in girth (or at least match it) and I’ll feel better about my self.

I’ve read other guys on this site practically suck other Men’s dicks congratulating them on their “incredible gains” I’ve never read someone say: “that’s enough cock for you mister! you’d be crazy to continue hanging weights for 1000’s of hours (RISKING IMPOTENCE) for anymore gains … just shrink her pussy now!”

i’m feeling like a redheaded stepchild to a brown headed family here.

Plenty, I mean plenty, of the men here have said to people don’t try and gain more. I’m certain they will find this thread eventually and tell you to be careful. Lets wait to hear how sex after the operation is, I’m interested as well.

Go ahead and fill your dick with plastic and take all the risks associated with surgery you had obviously decided to before you ever started this thread.

In a couple of months your wife will get used to the new size and you’ll be back to feeling as inadequate as ever.

Good luck and I really mean that, I hope it makes you happy.

Well nothing’s for sure yet, I’m only committed to finding answers and more information on PMMA, no one is more concerned over my cock than me. I’m here to ask questions from people who’ve had the procedure, so far Jimmy(notso)slimunit has chimed in and his experience has been VERY helpful.

I wanna hear the bad more than the good about this procedure, so I thank all of you for being honest and blunt about my situation, but so far these are all the things I know, I’d like details that only someone with first hand experience could have, so if you’re out there and you’ve had the PMMA procedure then your input would be greatly appreciated as well.

So far I have 1 “YES” for PMMA (from me) and 1 “NO” from a member here, these are hardly stats I can base a life altering decision upon.

Have you considered how your wife will feel if it goes wrong ?

Originally Posted by insecurewith9
I might never be his length but I can beat him in girth (or at least match it) and I’ll feel better about my self.

May I interject again with a little bit of reality? You already have beat him. You have the female. He doesn’t. Correct?

when she gets used to my new size I’ll just go in for another fill lol!

to the extent any woman can ever get used to a fist up their ass … I’ll always be ahead of the curve :)

You’re right Tom Hubbard, In her eyes I have “beaten him” and every other man shes ever known … but I NEED TO BEAT HIM and every other man shes known for ME.

If it ever has negative consequences and shes made aware of my mistake then I’ll just blame her and put her down for the dog she is! lol j/k, no should it come to that I will honestly tell her as I’m telling all of you … I needed it for me.

YAY!! my 100th post!

and I’m at the car dealership upgrading her BMW X5 to a newer 2011 model as a “push present” for delivering my beautiful baby girl … it has the 3rd row seat so we seat 7 now :) sorry I’m just pretty excited to surprise her I don’t think I can wait for Valentines day!

… Oh no! I’m not asking her permission for this either, hope she wasn’t too attached to our older X5, we did bring both our kids home in it :o … shit maybe I should’ve let her say her goodbyes to the ride … I’ll ask the dealership if she can come by later and see it one last time. I guess this will tell me what kinda girl she is and if she minds me “upgrading” things behind her back :/


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