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The doughnut from pumping

The doughnut from pumping

I thought I heard one time that they was a way to prevent to dreaded doughnut effect that pumping sometimes causes. If anybody know of some techniques that can prevent it please pass them on to me.

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What titlest said.

Also, you can put on 2 condoms and pump. I’ve used that to pump between 5” and 7” Hg for 30-45 minutes without a doughnut or edema.

I use the polyurethane[?] non-latex condoms

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You guys should get familiar with self sticking sports wrap… I use it for basically every kind of PE I do including pumping if you wrap your glands and over your circ scar you will never get a doughnut and you will never get hard / numb glands from trapped fluid. You can also pump for longer periods of time at higher pressures without all the negative side effects

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