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The Difference between 7 and 8

The Difference between 7 and 8

Hey everyone! I just wanted to ask some senior members what they thought was best from their experiences: I’m at exactly 7 nbp length and I have a goal of about 8.5 nbp length. What did you find the most effective technique when gaining the inch between 7 and 8? And how long did it take to achieve it?

Senior members will probably tell you:

There is no best way. Read, learn, and find what works best for you.

4-07: 6.0 x 5.3 8-07: ?

Goal: 8.0 x 6.5 Deficit: 2.0 x 1.2 Currently 75% x 81%

You have to find out what technique works for you. It’s a process of trial and error

Starting Stats: NBPEL: 5.5 BPEL: 6.0 NBPFL: 3.1 BPFL: 4.0

August 10 2008: Nbpel: 8.2 BPEL: 8.3 NBPFL: 6.3 BPFL: 6.5

FINALLY EIGHT INCHES!! Short Term Goal: 8.5 inches,Long Term Goal: 9.5 inches,Final Goal: 10 inches

Like a special routine for going from 7 to 8 as opposed to the 6-7 routine? Nope.

Newbie Penis Enlargement Routine

Running a Massive Co-Front.

There is no effective way. Sure a lot of people claim of great gains from certain techniques but you are not the same as that person. Everyone is different. Condition your penis first then try different techniques to see which one best works on you.

Make sure to start with the newbie routine.

Then you may consider hanging (vacuum hanging would be my #1 suggestion, not specifically for 7”==>8” or 8.5” but for length gains in general.

Later - ttt

Crap, I was all proud of myself for not posting this but I just can’t resist!

The Difference between 7 and 8… one!


Heh, I so crack myself up.

Running a Massive Co-Front.

7 is oooh amd 8 is aaaaaahh

One popular and quite effective technique is to slowly change the placement of your ruler. Be persistent and patient.

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