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The Definitive 8 x 6 Thread


Who want to push the envelope beyond the 8” X 6” up to the double digits? I mean 10” NBPEL. I don’t care about girth. From my experience, I have learned that penis size (length) does not depend on genetics, race, height, and shoe size.

I have enough trouble with my penis during sports as it is, I wouldn’t like to think about what size flaccid the 10” erect penis would entail. One I get to 8” NBPEL, I expect I’ll have around a 5.5” flaccid. That, with my 5” flaccid girth will make it the dimensions of the average erect penis, which is good enough for me!

Can most girls take 8” , I like to use all that I have.


Willis, I agree with you because I too, like to play sports and when you have a monster cock those sports become harder and harder to play.especially when it erects

Yeah, playing in the cold or really physically exerting yourself can cause it to get harder and turtle up.

Some girls thought I got a semi once, half way through a football game. Very embarassing, condidering the fact that a hard, turtled penis does NOT look very big at all.

Mine is 8” NBP as well.

I disagree about not being able to use anything below the fat pad, I think some of it is accessible during sex. Its just not visible.

I agree, if a ruler can push a certain amount into it, the when going balls-deep, the fat-pad is going to have some give in it.


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