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the day after

the day after

Hi all
well I did my first workout last night..
and well my unit feels strange today…
alittle sore and smaller than usual in flacid state…
obviously this is normal right????

now I hope I am doing these right…
I will try an explain as much as I can how I preformed them last night…

ok my left hand I squeezed the base of my cock..
and with my right hand I made an ok sign and squeezed slowly down the shaft and kept doing these for about 15 minutes…

Is that the correct way????
is that a correct jelq?..
also is that an excersice for girth and lenght or just lengh?
whats the best one for a beginner for girth?/

also I am planning on doing this 6 times a week for 15 minutes or so…
is that a good workout, if I keep doing that for 6 months would that be enough for gains you think??
i am real busy with work and life so hard to make the time…
look forward to replies…
cheers guys………


it will take you a while to get a good jelqing motion. Remember that you are trying to push the blood and expand the penis. If you penis is a little sore, take it easy. DO NOT OVERDO IT THE FIRST WEEK OR SO.

If you want girth exercises, look them up and chose the easiest to start with, then take it from there.


I have done jelqing for 3 weeks now, my exprience till so far is, that you have to play with different styles of jelqing and see what feels good.

I use some variations, like jelqing with my dumb and ‘point’finger the sides (left-right side) or (up-down side).
And sometimes i do some jelqing with the ok sign, but i find the ok sign difficult, because i have a better feeling while jelqing with the U sign (figure of speak).

Good Luck with your PE’ing.

short term goal:: 5.5" long term goal:: 6"

I too use that upside down U shape to jelq, but I also wrap my index finger and thumb around to apply press to my CS to help it grow to! I think if you just apply pressure to the sides you will not work your whole penis to help it grow in all dimensions.


I do

I do it with both of my hands right on base then I jelq up

then have your left hand at the bottom ready to jelq once your

right hand reaches the gland.I never tried the way you said

I am thinking bout trying it.

Anythings possible


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