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The date is set

The date is set

Thats right, October 1st is the first day of my hanging workout and I’m pumped! I’ve chosen that date so that I can continue to read up and learn, to help me with my gains. I hope I have some good gains, but I wanna be safe, so I’ve spaced it out.


I know that excitement. I am happy for you.

Read a lot of the hanging injury posts found in the Hanging and Main Member sections. That should help you keep in control of your enthusiasm.

To Voltage

It sounds like you have the right idea. Remember to start slow because this is a marathon, not a sprint. I learned that the hard way; I PE-D for five weeks with the last being very intense with no breaks and now I’ve been out for the past one and a half weeks with an injury (hard ring beneath glans). So heed my warning, start slow and listen to your brothers on this board. They have experience which is something you don’t have and if they offer you advice, take it because more than likely they will be right. If I would have listened to them I would still be actively PE-ing right now. But I learned my mistake and will grow as a result. Good luck in your quest for you are about to embark on this wonderful adventure we call penis enlargement. I hope all your goals are reached and they are very rewarding. Later

"Without a struggle, there can be no progress" Stephen Douglas


You are smarter than me. I was very anxious and pulled too hard and injured myself. That was after almost 2 months of reading and experimenting. Now its been 2 weeks with no PE at all, during which I received my bibstarter and powerjelq but I cant use them yet.

I recomend you jelq and do light stretches to get in shape before anything else. You have 3 weeks to do that. “Start slow” is the best advice for a newbie, yet the most difficult to follow. Stick to your plan and Im sure you will have great gains in the near future. Take care.



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