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The craziest week of my life.....

The craziest week of my life.....

I sit and type this with one hand as last week I was in surgery for a serious arm injury. My right arm (my writing hand) is now in a cast for some weeks to follow.
I have the next month or more off work to continue my P.E one handed which works quite well actually.
Anyway the other day I confessed everything to my girlfriend….how I have only slept with two women due to my insecurities about size and how I’ve always worried about her previous partners and how I do my P.E.
She assured me I am the best she has had an that sex with me is great and I trust her,she’s very loving and caring and honest.
But suprise suprise I still have my size demons. I started P.E in march at 6.25 Nbp and I am still at that size. I have recently upped my jelqing to 600 strokes (now one handed)
Anyway if I could just see half an inch gain I would be over the moon. I want this so bad and have stayed dedicated. I’m pretty low right now guys.
That’s my story…..

Countdown 2

Chin up fella your starting size is hardly smaller than my PE size! How old are you mate?

Currently 6.5 NBP 5.5EG.

I’m 22,my lady is 18.

Didn’t go punching any windows now did you? :)

Currently 6.5 NBP 5.5EG.

Lol nah mate.What have you done to gain half an inch Nbp by the way? Well done.

Sorry for your troubles, countdown2. You are above average for length, I think you already know it. Gains don’t come in a linear way: many don’t have any gains for some months, then rest for some weeks and gains come in a spurt.

I assume you have done the newbie routine. If it was un-effective on you, just take some weeks of rest and try something different: pumping, ADS, hanging, clamping…everything in the PE arsenal, but of course not all at the same time. Stay consistent and don’t worry, gains will come. And thanks God for having a so intelligent girl at your side.

I wishes you luck.

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That seemed to all come pretty much first few weeks. Think it was early lig gains from stretching. What’s your stretching like.

Currently 6.5 NBP 5.5EG.

Done a fair bit of stretching,all angles….etc. Since the injury I’ve been pulling back between the cheeks 5mins a time.

Perhaps try to add some other different stretches as soon as your arm is recovered , perhaps some A stretches or some V or Inverted V stretches should be the way to go. And don’t worry bro it took me about 8 months before I found the right routine for me and then began gaining.

Be thankful for the great girl you seem to have and don’t give up,gains will come.

Was (july 07): 5.25 nbp (5.9 bp)X 4.5

July 10 :6.15 nbp (6.65 bp)X 4.8

Goal: 6.75 nbp (7.1 bp) x 5.1 Final goal : 7.25 nbp x 5.3

Try ADS. I think I made my first(and only) centimeter(0.4 inches) from it. newbie routine didn’t work for me though I’m still doing it.

You must watch too much porn because I can’t think of any other reason why your perception of your penis size is so distorted. You are just above average.

But I think that if you need to achieve .5 to .75” in length and haven’t got it since you’ve been doing PE, you may want to change things up, new exercises and methods, perhaps even ADS.

S.O. at P.B.

ADS seems to be enjoying a resurgance of late…!

Currently 6.5 NBP 5.5EG.

You have a cast on one of your hands and you confessed to a girl and that’s your craziest week of your life?? Or is it just a clever marketing title? ;)

Anyway, look from the bright side - at least you’ll get a really versatile and strong left hand. Try learning to write left-handed. Kudos to your girl. Just don’t complain to her any more because it won’t help anyone.

I actually tried the andro penis stretcher for 3 months but got nothing, plus I used to struggle with two handsputting it on,one handed will be impossible I’m affraid. I’m going to try to clock up 2 hrs of btc stetching a day in the form of 12x 10min sessions. I have alot of spare time.

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