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The Captain's Wench

The Captain's Wench


By any chance could anyone bring out a tutorial video on the Captains Wench? I’m finding it difficult to follow the guide line.
That would be real helpful. I’m still having troubles finding all the materials, can’t seem to find anything in the UK. I’ve found “1 X 10”x2” strip of Industrial Strength VELCRO brand Tape with sticky back”. The link below btw. But the site is based in the USA sadly and what’s annoying me is which one of these would I get? I don’t want to make a mistake by buying one of these then finding out I’ve got the wrong one. I still can’t find “Grippers (Soft Touch by Waxman)” If anyone has any links to any site, even international, which sell the exact same product it would be much appreciated.

1 7/8 in. Black 4 sets coin shape
4 ft. X 2 in. Black tape
4 in. X 2 in. Black 2 sets strips
4 ft. X 2 in. White tape


Thanks :D

I cannot understand the instructions too and I would find a video tutorial helpful.

Does anyone have a link to a video tutorial on how to make the Captn’s Wench?

START: [23 FEB 2010] BPEL: 6.5, EG: 4.9 [AUG 23 2010] BPEL: 7.75, EG: 5.3 [AUG 23 2011] BPEL: 8.1, EG: 6.0

MINI-GOAL: 8x6 (reached); LONG-TERM GOAL: 12x9

You want either the 4 ft x 2 in black tape or the 4 ft x 2 in white tape items, the other two won’t do the trick. The grippers are just hard rubber rectangular floor protectors that you attach to the bottom of furniture to prevent scratching a hardwood floor. They -should- be easy to find in any hardware or furniture store in the UK. I am willing to make a tutorial video but I don’t have a video camera where I am now, though in about 2 weeks I could make one. In the meantime, if you have other questions concerning the construction, I’m willing to answer them, as I’ve made a couple.

Alright, does anyone have a video for making the wench?

Alright, don’t cross post.

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