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The best way to use my 8 hrs a day?

The best way to use my 8 hrs a day?

I have a change coming up in my life that is going to give me anywhere from 8-10 hours of free time per day, alone at my home. I was wondering what might be a good way to really take advantage of this time? I am going to be studying for an exam for the 8-10 hours, but that diesn’t mean I can’t do something somewhat passive. I was thinkings about making an ADS or something like that.

Are there any suggestions out there of things I might do?


Possibilities are endless.You should figure what works for you.You could hang like BIB did, he seemed to have that much time.Personally I would do as many routine based searches that I could,figure out what was best for me negative/positive PI’s and such and then go from there.Either way get tuggin man, I would love to that much time.

This is very long time, you can make miracles. I wish I have this much time.

Personally, if I were in your place, I would probably doing hang and ADS.

I think hang and ADS is good for you because you are studying, so you don’t have to do any thing stopping you from your study. Just stretch your penis, and watch it grow.


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