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The Best Schedule

The Best Schedule

Hey guys I’m just curious, I could use some input on what the best schedule is for PE. The newbie routine says 2 days on 1 day off. But it seems like others are seeing gains with different schedules. Whats your most effective schedule?

Originally Posted by hohey2002
Hey guys I’m just curious, I could use some input on what the best schedule is for PE. The newbie routine says 2 days on 1 day off. But it seems like others are seeing gains with different schedules. Whats your most effective schedule?

I jelq and stretch 2 days and the third a little stretching, or resting.

The Beginning(18 Aug 2005): BPEL 6.10" EG 5.10" Now (24 dec 2006): BPEL 7'00" EG 5'40" The Target: BPEL 7'90" EG 6'50"

Try 3 on/1 off _ 2 on/1 off


Adapt and learn. Everyones body reacts differently. Just remember that after a while the exercise will become like 2nd nature to you, so you might find yourself doing it whenever you have time to spare, sometimes without even thinking about it. Thats when split routines come in, if you don’t have a full hour to spare for dedicated PE, split the exercise into 10 - 15 minute sets, 2 or 3 times a day, or fit them into whatever time you have to spare.

I’m still figuring this out for myself, but I just started doing light flaccid to 50% wet jelqing straight down with overhan d OK grip for the past 3 days for 300-400 strokes and then some intense bundled stretchs and regular tunica stretchs (A-Stretch, V-Stretch, Inverted V-Stretch, etc) and that is all for the day and my dick seems to be getting healthier and stronger every day like a newb again. It’s hard to exactly say how much I’ve gained so far in true because I’ve measured so many different ways with tape measure and stick rulers but it’s close to the 1.5 to 2 inch range in length and about 0.1-0.2 in girth.

To understand how this happend I would have to post a very long post (which I eventually will to help educate people of my expierence) but I think it defintly belongs in a thread of it’s own, since I would have to go into tons of details and theorys I am forming on exactly what works for me. All I will say is I just restarted jelqing again very light for like 300 strokes, before that it was hanging, ADS, and manual stretching which worked great for a while and then my gains started slowing dramatically. So I finnaly admitted to myself “hey you know, maybe I’m overtraining myself in PE.” so I went back to the basics and it looks like I can add more length again through jelqing and harder core manual stretchs like bundled A-Stretchs for just a little bit of time, then take 2 days rest days on the weekends. I’m starting to believe light PE and rest is one great way to get gains if lots of intensity and time isn’t working for someone, do the oppisitie even if you are afraid to try something a lot different like that. It’s a weird thought considering you would think my dick would become stronger after lots of hanging, ADS, and manual stretching with a few jelqing sessions for a day or two every month or two.

I was gonna say what I think the best way to PE is generally for someones goals based on my current theory but then I just erased the whole paragraph as I realized here is no way I could do that unless I had someone actually tell me what they have done and what there goals are with PE. That to me is the only way I could give the best advice to someone since each individual is different and trys different things in PE to reach there goals which would of course effect what advice should be given to someone for there own situation…

Despite my feeling on individual PE coaching in a sence, I do believe with more information/data securely found out about PE from many people who PE with something like those surveys that Remek puts out, the more we can hone in on through intelligent discussion on the survey results and the vets expierences of what the overall smart to go about PE’ing from start to finsh based on someones goals. There is a lot more for us to pioneer here, I’m happy to say. It make’s me feel I’m part of something special and we are making a positive difference for the future of PE right here and now. :)

I always tend get in rambling mode… LOL… Can’t help it, there is lots on my mind and I take PE seriously. Hopefully it inspires someone doing PE in some way?

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