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The Best Girth Excercise?

The Best Girth Excercise?

I’ve been reading and researching, but so far haven’t found which one is the best for girth. I’ve heard Horse 440’s, and tried them, but I can’t really get the head squeezed down. Are erect bends great for girth? If so, how do you do them? Are there links to the erect bends?

I read an earlier post by RB that said Horseshoe bends, but what are they? I’ve done a search and came up empty handed. Also, I’ve just been jelqing since I started, so when’s a good time to start girth excercises? Heh, thanks in advance guys.

Warning: Don't do horses or modifications until you have jelqed for at least 2 months. You will injure your penis !

Horses are great for girth once you get used to them. Some people use horse440’s original method for squeezing the blood out of the head (forcing a small ok over the head), others simply squeeze the head. To squeeze you really need to use 2-3 fingers and a thumb. Its important to hold a kegel for the length of the horse (around 30 seconds).

Steer clear of erect bends. A lot of guys have noted injury from this exercise (which is why you won’t seem many mentions here). You are talking about applying a lot of force to potentially very small areas.

The horseshoe bend is a horse modification, the best description I’ve seen is by hobby on PEForum in this post. Its not so much an erect bend as a pumped bend.


I’ve been gradually working into these between pumping sets over the past 2 weeks.

I get mostly erect and clamp off with an OK at the base, then let most of the “hardness” of the erection subside while I kegel as much blood as I can ahead of the OK. I try to get 100% engorged, but not “erect” - similar situation to a Uli. My dick stays semi-flaccid behind my OK grip. DLD, is this what you mean by “100% erect”?

Then I bend slowly. The tourniquet grip has to be really tight, even then I still lose some blood past it during a bend and need to kegel more into the shaft. I straighten my dick out when I pump in more blood (every 5-10 seconds), then go back into the bend. I spend around 20 seconds bending a direction before I move on.

I have a hell of a time gaining girth, but I’m hopeful horseshoes mixed with pumping will do the trick.

Sweet, thanks a bunch memento! This helps a lot.

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