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The balance

The balance

Hey guys I’m new here. I found out about PE when I was in High school. Didn’t have a strict routine, but had modest gains (7.5 in in length to 8 in) (none of those have cemented). I recently stopped watching pornography since I feel like it has affected how long I can maintain an erection with my girlfriend. The problem is that I still masturbate. Which, I feel is kind of negative. I feel like it’s okay to do it sometimes, but not everyday, so I’m working on that. The thing is, I need to masturbate to get my dick ready for PE. So where is the balance for this? Should I just masturbate till I get that special 70% erection and only do so for the PE sessions? I also like the fact that I can last for more than an hour (although I will have to get my dick hard again), which I feel is due to the excessive masturbation (up to 3 or more times a day). If I stop masturbating this time span will surely shrink. I guess that may have to be a sacrifice. I think for now I’ll masturbate when I need to do PE (or when I’m really horny since I have a long distance relationship with my girlfriend at the moment). But what are your thoughts on finding a balance between masturbating and PE? Thanks!

If you hold your load for a few days before you see your girl, you might not last as long the first time, but you’ll also be ready to go for round two pretty quick, and the second time you should be able to last as long as you’re used to.

In terms of masturbating for PE, as in to get a semi-erection for jelqing, don’t worry about it. Just keep with the exercises and eventually your dick will learn that it’s workout-time and not play-time and you’ll be able to do the jelqs without getting super horny.

Everybody’s different in both their sexual appetites and how much PE their dick can handle. Both PE and sex can tire out your dick, and you gotta find your own balance.

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