The Amazing use of fabric or: what to do when the comfort strap has ripped

Hello, today the strap of my SizeGenetics device was ripped, I was kinda angry at first because it’s very frustrating (for people who don’t know, with sizegenetics you don’t have a noose, you have something more comfortable).. Anyway, I’ve made my own kinda strap, it’s even more comfortable than the original:
I took some old pants (something like pijamas where the pants are stretchable ), I cut the top part (the stretchable part)
If it’s a bit hard to understand, take a look at the image below

The top part is stretchable..
Anyway, I cut it on used it instead of the comfort strap (wrapped around my penis), now to connect it the device, I used a regular shoelace:
In order to not put the entire pressure on one spot (shoelaces don’t have much width) I wrapped it around a couple of times to divide the pressure, and also because of the pants part there wouldn’t be much pressure

I’ve got another tip for those who experience inconvenience at the base of the penis from the stretching: simply put some fabric/a soc under the base part, works fine..

You’d be amazed at what you could do with some old clothes laying around.

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