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The acorn syndrom

The acorn syndrom

I guess everyone here has their own reasons for starting PEing. And after reading posts here most seems to start because they want a bigger erected penis, and to better satisfy a woman (and themselves).

My original reasons are a bit different. I am happily married with a wonderful sex life and have never really worried about size when it comes to sex. Instead I have had a hard time, all my life basically, beeing naked among other boys or men. It started allready when I was 10 years old and continues to this day beeing 40. I felt ashame in the locker room. I could never take a sauna with colleagues. I did not participate in any activities where one supposed to take a shower afterwards, etc etc.

And the worst part was not really my flaccid size. It was the fact that when I got anxious about being naked, my penis would go and hide itself looking like an acorn. Almost like when you are freezing.
Is this something that everyone experiences sometimes or is it only a few of us that does this: whenever I feel discomfprt like fear, anxiety, fatigue, wories etc I get the acorn syndrom.
This is definitely true whenever I practice running. Just after a few meters of running, I can feel that there’s only an inch visible of my penis. I have always been curious to know if this applies to all men or just to a few of us. I do not see this a lot in the locker room.

I definitely know what you’re talking about. Generally, I have decent flaccid size (around 4”) but after exercising, it shrinks incredibly! We’re talking about maybe 2 1/2” with a girth of 3” or less. It’s just something the sweat or the bloodflow does- I really don’t know the cause. I do know that it goes away pretty quickly as soon as some bloodflow is returned.

I know this is kind of a weird suggestion, but have you tried retiring to a stall after your workout, spending a minute or two on hand-action and getting yourself semi-erect? Then by the time you return to the locker room, I would assume that you’d be flaccid but with that left over blood flow to keep the size up.

Oden, RR:

I’m sure a lot of us experience the “Acorn” syndrome - as to exercise, sure - MiniMe will tend to disappear as the large muscles (quads, glutes) demand massive blood flow which shunts blood away from the penal artery. That’s what I experience to a degree when I power walk or lift weights, etc.

Suggestion: Most of the so-called penis pills on the market don’t do much but there are a couple that do impact flacid hang and partial engorgement (IMO). One of those that is free of Yohimbe (I react poorly to Yohimbe) is VigRX by Albion Medical. Putting aside all of the hype about growth, I have found that the ingredients in VigRX (most actively the Ginsing, Epimedium, & Cuscata) seem to enhance flacid behaviour quite a bit. There are other botanicals such as maca and Arginine that have similar effects.

In my own experience, even after rigorous exercise it doesn’t take but a very few seconds to get back a decent flacid hang when I’ve taken the VigRX. Like RR suggested, a few seconds of light massage and you will have a decent fluff, especially if your penal blood flow triggers are primed.

Now, don’t get me wrong - this isn’t a pitch for VigRX - it’s just that in my experience some of the ingredients in that partiular formulation have an effect. You might find that a particular combination of blood flow enhancers would help you so much physiologically that you wouldn’t be so tense and start cranking up a lot of adrenaline in fear of embarassment.

Just a Possibility,


Then - BPEL 5.9, EG 5.2 - Now: BPEL 7.2, EG 5.6 Listen woman, "Don't bitch at me for burning the candle at both ends - just get me some more wax!"

I was in the same boat as you Oden. Thus my login name “Grower”. PE has definately helped, but I’m not fully “cured” yet.

Cracking the Acorn:

Maybe one way to stop the Acorn effect, if it is being triggered by fear and stress, is to hang out at a nude beach for a while and get acclimated. When the subconscious gets re-programmed by the massive exposure over time in that situation, then maybe locker room stress would lose its grip and the stress reaction would just go away. Maybe a person that gets tense now would, over time, find that other people really don’t pay all that much attention and just go about their business.

All the Best,


Then - BPEL 5.9, EG 5.2 - Now: BPEL 7.2, EG 5.6 Listen woman, "Don't bitch at me for burning the candle at both ends - just get me some more wax!"

Actually, I believe that the acorn during exercise or stress is part of the bodys natural defense. Your body has been genetically programmed over millions of years to protect that equipment at all costs. What I mean to say is that the reduction in penile size due to anxiety is an “active” response and not a “passive” response caused by blood just going to other parts of the body.

Mr Tips: I completely agree. As I understand it, the only way to stop worrying is probably simply to be naked among other people much more. Or perhaps get much better self esteem by PEing will help as well.

Judging from all posts above it seems like everyone sometimes “suffer” from this acorn syndrome? Strange you don’t see it much more around?

I subscribe to the “natural defense” theory, too. It doesn’t do you much good (evolutionarily speaking) to take down that wooly mammoth if you can’t share your genes with all of the adoring females back at camp. ;)


What are your flacid and ercet sizes?

One foot to go

rushmore: I am about
BPEL 5.5”

Don#t remember exact numbers right now. Will report when finishing first month of newbie routine.

Greetings Oden,

Well, if you ever want to visit a clothing-optional beach not too far from home I might have a good suggestion and that’s the really delightful island of Borne Holm just off the coast of Denmark.

Many years ago I was in the Netherlands on a control engineering job. I had finished up and, having a few extra days, was able to meet up with my cousin (he was from Frankfurt) and his family when they took vacation. I flew into Copenhagen and caught a commuter flight into Roenne. My cousin picked me up and we went immediately to the bicycle shop for me to rent a bicycle as we mostly pedaled to go place to place.

Borne Holm was a delight - rugged coast line and quaint fishing villages to the North, some of the oldest churches I had ever seen, box-type windmills and green fields, and some hills and woods in the central part. It was a photographers paradise and I really burned the film.

The beaches we visited nearly every day were wonderful - white, white sand like powdered sugar and the water was nearly like fresh because of all the glacial runoff from Norway and Sweden. On a clear day you could just make out the coast line of Norway to the North. The thing that impressed me, as this was the first time I had ever gone to a clothing-optional beach, was the open and refreshing attitude of the people. Men, women, young, old, kids - all in the buff without a care in the world just enjoying themselves.

I’d surely like to go back some day to that special beach on Borne Holm.

All the Best,


Then - BPEL 5.9, EG 5.2 - Now: BPEL 7.2, EG 5.6 Listen woman, "Don't bitch at me for burning the candle at both ends - just get me some more wax!"

I wouldn’t worry about it too much…

A flaccid penis has about as much use as a styrofoam hammer

If someone wants to make a judgement call about you from the size of your non-erect penis… screw them (not literally, of course!)

Besides, it’s always great when they see that you make a substantial size growth from soft to hard.

My flaccid length is close to my erect length, so I sometimes feel that a first-time partner expects my 9” soft cock to double in size when I get hard! Haha!

… which, unfortunately, it doesn’t.

(not yet… ;) )

So, hang loose and don’t sweat it.


I, too, agree with the natural defense theory. Just about any living creature’s most important instinct is self-preservation. That includes not only preservation of the single body, but the species as a whole. So, protecting the family jewels is tantamount.


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