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Thats it I quit

Originally Posted by D-Block

I can’t believe I wasted 6 months of my life doing this scam.

Scam? How much did you say you had to pay?

Off topic.

Greenoman, your Avatar is delicious, who is that?

Scientists will never say “penis enlargement exercises work”. Not because they believe that, but because they have no reason to. There is no profit to be gained by either the scientists or those who fund their work. A full, peer-reviewed study is incredibly expensive, and there is just no motivation for anyone to invest that kind of cash into something with no hope of any appreciable returns. You just can’t sell NPE the way you can a new drug. If a drug is discovered that makes your penis grow, believe me, there will be tons of research and studies done on it. Until then, I would suggest that you keep trying, and maybe incorporate some new things into your routine, like hanging or pumping. You WILL eventually find something that works for you.

Thats Adriana teh model. All it has done to me is giving me a huge vein in the middle of my penis

What exercises have you been doing? Perhaps you’re doing something not-quite-right in them or need to try something different. I can understand being disappointed, but it’s not like you don’t touch the thing anyway, so why not try to make the time more productive than a few spasms and see what happens?

Is the vein bigger than what it was before? There you go, first the vein, then the rest.

Originally Posted by D-Block
Thats Adriana teh model. All it has done to me is giving me a huge vein in the middle of my penis

Improved vascularity is an early sign of improvement. Why not consider giving it a bit longer, let us know precisely what routine you’re following, and you may get some useful suggestions.

You didn’t really do this for six months just to give up now, did you?

For Lampwick, becoming hung like a donkey was the result of a total commitment.

D-Block, I know it is frustrating. I have been disappointed with my gains, and often wonder if I should continue to “waste time” with the exercises. But, I have made some gains. Do you really think that it is not possible to make gains with all the people on this forum who say they have? Do you think they are all lying, or under some mass hypnosis?

Horny Bastard

Originally Posted by D-Block
I officially call this whole “increase your penis size” bullshit. I’ve been going at it for a little over 6 months with NO GAINS!

Wow. Literally the first thing that came to my mind when I read this. You honestly think hundreds (maybe thousands; I don’t know the number of users :) ) of people are fabricating all of this, coming onto a public forum, spending their own time on fictitious routines and exercises. All for non-profit too! It is my honest opinion that you have ZERO chance of getting any gains unless you change your attitude. My first piece of advice would be to post more. I would not be surprised to find that lurkers do not gain as well as regular posters. Simply because when you post it gives you the opportunity to ask specific questions and get constant feedback/ideas/solutions to your exact situation. The community here is very welcoming and loves to talk about anything related to the penis! I am really hoping you change your attitude, start PE’ing again, and get your gains your looking for. It would be a great success story for other people needing motivation to see. Best of luck man.


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Oh man, now we are going to have to compare post count to length and girth gained.
Just when I thought we had done all the studies we possibly could.

Funny thing though, this is my 725th post which is exactly my length, 7.25” after a very long hiatus.

D-Block, I don’t know what to tell you. I am and have been a super had gainer but I have gained. I did have my ligs released via surgery so I’m sure that coupled with an awful lot of hanging has allowed me to gain albeit less than I would like.

That being said, if you stretch you ligs naturally I would expect that you can achieve the same thing I have achieved with surgery. In other words, my dick has grown in NBPEL as the result of hanging for now 8+ months and I would imagine yours and anyone elses would too after a while.

The big issue I have with all of this is what is “a while”?

I hate it when I hear guys stating 1/4” to full on 1” gains in 90-days and sometimes less or something way less than my 8+ months of hanging and about a year before that of average dedication to manual PE (FastSize, Jeqls, manual stretches, etc.). I am to the point where I do not read progress posts and I almost never look at pictures guys post.

You just have to accept that for you the process will be a long one as you like me and many others are a hard gainer. Accept that and build your routine into your life and as Nike says just do it and do it over and over and over again and at some point down the road I expect, no I know, your will gain.

Keep the faith. Or better yet, accept and like your size as is and move on. I truly believe this is the best place for all of us to be. Happy with what we have so we don’t have to ever PE in the first place.

I am on the beginner guide. 10 stretches to all directions for 30 secs. 200 jelqs. All I want is one frikin inch. THATS IT!! I going to give it another 6 month. If nothing happens.

Well, if you have done the beginner’s routine for 6 months, your unit should be conditioned enough to handle more advanced techniques, so peruse the forum and try one you think fits in with your schedule and free time.

Dude, you need to increase the time and/or intensity of your workouts to gain. Try increasing the number of reps and the intensity about 20-30% every 2 weeks.

What’s happened is that you’ve given your dick too little stimulus, and it’s simply gotten accustomed to it and no longer responds. Growth occurs during periods of progressive exercise maintained over a 3-4 month period. Start light and gradually increase. But you must increase to gain (at least, I had to).

Enter your measurements in the PE Database.

Six months with a light routine that didn’t bring gains? Maybe it is time to step it up, just a thought. In PE it seems that the more time you put in the better you gain.


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