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Thank you. I’m still new to the site so I didnt know where to look.

How about for the jelqing? Why does it go soft when I try to jelq. I was able to get the video now, I saw that the person was fully hard when jelqing. I thought it was supposed to be 60 to 80 %. When I am that hard I AM able to jelq, I am just affraid of hurting it if it’s toooo hard(erect), so I usually let it subside a little, to about 70 - 80 % and then start to jelq, but when I do, it starts to go soft. Should I go ahead and let it get a little harder to sustain the errection, or should I sqeez harder to try to trap more blood,.. Or jelq slower/faster? I’m not sure, but I want to make sure I’m doing it right, and that it is doing something for me. I’ve done a lot of pe girth exercisez for 2 years, and never jelq or streach, so I’m still not used to doing it the “proper” way, and I’m kind of in a learning fase.

Should I start with a newby routine, or since my dick is already used to PE, should I start with something a little harder? Also, I’ve concentrated a lot on ULI’s for 2 years. Didnt know better. Since my dick is used to a lot of girth excersize is it ok to start using a clamp, or should I get used to jelqing and streaching first? Or does it even make a difference?

Let me know, cause I’m trying to put together a real routine.not like the sparattic, over exerted ULI’s I’ve been doing for 2 years.

Jelqing is not performed fully erect but from about 30-80% and the strokes should normally take about 2-5 seconds. That’s my recommendation. Some people, including myself, use porn to help maintain a proper erection level. If it gets too soft, look at some porn to get it back up again, simple.

Welcome to Tp.

A 30-60% erection level is just fine.

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Maybe I overlooked it, but I didn’t notice if the type of Jelq was mentioned.

Wet Jelqs should be performed at a lower erection level then dry Jelqs. So keep that in mind.

Wet Jelqs can be done at about 40-70%, while dry Jelqs should be done at about 60-90% erection.

With that said, there will always be those that like a higher, or lower erection level while Jelqing. So you need to experiment. And you may need to stimulate yourself, or take a short break to get the erection level back to where is best for you.

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