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Thanks Thunder's Place - 6 months in.


Waitta go man!

Beginning: June 2011 Now: August 2011

BPEL 6" MSEG 5".both on a good day NBPEL 6.3" BPEL 6.7 MSEG 5.25"

Thanks to Thunder’s We Will Never Find a Place Like Thunder’s Place .We came here as small and now we become bigger and strong mentaly and physicaly, and no one will lose, we are all winners here :D

2 inch grows, it works. I will continue throughout life :D

I’m actually on a break as there is a vein out of place. This is due to erect jelqs watching porn! I will not be doing that anymore, may as well go on no fap for a while.

The interesting thing is that the second girl after the gains and I was able to feel a difference, but the main thing is the strength and abuse that my unit can take now, so much better. I can go all night no problems, where as before I was a one minute man.

Once I get this vein sorted gonna stick to the newbie routine like glue for a while.


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