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Thanks from a turtler

Thanks from a turtler

I have always had problems with turtling real bad. I usually didn’t care, but a couple weeks ago a really hot chick sat on my lap AS it was turtling. It is hard to explain the sensation of a dick going BACK INTO the body. I hated it.

So obviously I googled it, and that lead me here. I started with the newbie routine, and now fowfer(all the damn time), and for the first time in my life, I feel like I have an adult penis. I can see the EL gains, and EG gains(which I won’t measure until the end of the first month), but what I’ve really noticed is NO TURTLING. I have immense flaccid gains and, my dick stays out of the body, and this has given me the best most elated feeling ever. Thanks thunders place, and all of you beautiful men for your advice and insight. I finally feel like a man.

Welcome and glad it is already working for you.

Running a Massive Co-Front.

That is great to hear, I can’t imagine my penis disappearing into my body but it sounds horrible! I am glad you found what you need to help you be happier!

If you are carrying extra body fat, you should work on that as well as PE. Your penis will have nowhere to hide, and lower body fat means less estrogen which will surely help you feel even more manly.

I have been, I’m keeping track of losses(weight) and gains(PE).

Hey Chronic, I know that feel.. Although I’m a grower and have ok size for EL, I turtle so bad when flaccid..
Ill be following yr Gaining Like Crazy Thread to learn what has worked for you =)

Congrats on the amazing results !


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