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Thank you

Thank you

Thank you to the creator and all the contributors of this forum.

I’m new to PE. I got into it through pumping which I started three weeks ago. I started pumping to increase blood flow because as a 48 y.o man I began having ED issues. Some of the issues are stress related and others are just low T. None the less- it’s creating unwanted stress in my new marriage so it was time to try to reverse some aging affects and Father Time I’m the butt.

So- after two pumping sessions I began to notice life down below again. So I am very hopeful.

When I began to notice some positive size results as well as some injuries I knew I was being inconsistent and I needed some now how. That’s when I stumbled on this site. I am learning SO much. And I just wanted to thank the creator of the forum as well as all of the useful contributors.

All that said are there any men in my position—- ED due to stress and low T.. If there are Id love to hear tips and tricks if you have any.

Thanks for reading
Normal dude

Have you considered hormone replacement therapy?

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Originally Posted by Titleist
Have you considered hormone replacement therapy?

I do trt. It takes about 3 months before you see any difference. Just FYI.

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Originally Posted by Titleist
Have you considered hormone replacement therapy?

I have considered it.. I’ve researched it as well. But- it’s very expensive and it only works when your on it. So it’s a lifetime investment. Thank you for your input tho..



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